Monday, May 23, 2011

What Real Israelis Think

Since Obama's speech about the middle east a few days ago, we have seen an avalanche of Republican attacks accusing him of selling Israel down the river.  These vicious attacks continue despite the fact that his position differs very little from the positions of the previous three Presidents, and just about every other sane person in the world.

Having lived in Israel, I am growing increasingly intolerant of these right wing dicks who claim to speak for the Israelis, and who constantly misrepresent how real Israelis view their predicament. 

I want to suggest, for anyone interested in the truth, rather than Repubican cant, that you try reading the Israeli newspaper Haaretz for a few days, and learn the truth.  You might want to start with this opinion piece, about the Palestinian claims to a right of return.

Yes, this article represents the left end of Israeli thinking, but remember that here it is, in Israel's largest newspaper.  The truth is, Israelis are far readier to accept the realities of the middle east than American right wing ideologues are; in fact it is a crying shame that Americans are not as willing to see the reality of their own nation's historic behavior as Israelis are.

We know that the attacks on Obama on this issue are really dog-whistle claims that he is really Muslim.  The Repubicans don't care how much damage they do by clinging to their racist attitudes, particularly as long as it is people ten thousand miles away who are going to have to pay the price.

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