Thursday, December 2, 2010

A New Milestone in Republican Talking Points

Senator Lamar Alexander:

"I'm delighted to hear the eloquence of the Senator from New York. And as I was listening to him I was reminded that the people — most of the people whose taxes he is trying to raise live in New York. I mean they're not in Tennessee, we're a relatively low income state. So I admire him for his courage on — that's almost a tax earmark, you know, to — to be so specific that we're gonna raise taxes on just a small number of people, most of whom live on Wall Street in New York."

A "tax earmark."  They think they have succeeded in filling the people of the United States with rage every time they hear the word earmark, so why not use it to refer to something that has nothing to do with earmarks?  And even thought the vast majority of people do not give a damn about earmarks- most of them probably never heard the term- the Republican base is sure to start snarling and howling like a bunch of trained attack dogs at the mention of the word.  So why not get a little more mileage out of it?

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