Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Happened

"In a statement delivered at the White House a few minutes ago, President Obama confirmed the details leaked earlier today about the shape of the compromise to extend Bush income and estate tax policy for another two years in exchange for a thirteen month extension of unemployment benefits and a package of tax cuts designed to stimulate the economy.

President Obama said he "completely disagrees" with the GOP's insistence on extending tax cuts for the wealthy, but he said that given their opposition to extending any tax cuts without including upper-income taxpayers, it was necessary to agree with their demand."

The gutless worm.  No, it wasn't necessary to act like a craven coward.  It was necessary to stand up to these greedy bastards.  This tax giveaway to the rich is going to force major cuts in the future to Social Security and Medicare, and with weak, feckless Democratic leaders like Obama and Harry Reid in charge, there will never be a point where we make the rich pay their share of maintaining America.

He has continued Bush's policies in all but name in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has continued Bush's pandering to Wall Street and the rich, which nearly caused a depression. He has continued Bush's loathsome torture and national security policies.  He has done everything to let the country continually slide into an inextricable morass.  And he continues to reward the people who tore our country apart, by giving them whatever wealth the rest of us have left.

Mark my words: in the runup to 2012, he is going to give away every bit of health care reform that doesn't suit insurance companies, and he is going to make these miserable tax giveaways permanent.  He is going to be intimidated into staying involved in Afghanistan.  He can't stand up to the least threat from Republicans, however impotent, and he will pull the country down around him rather than do the right thing.


Poll P. said...

I agree, and I have just written him off. He's a failure or a sellout. Maybe both.

Cardinal44 said...

I'm tired of living in a country governed by the spineless and the soulless. This so-called bipartisan agreement is unacceptable on almost every level. It is nothing but rolling over and begging forgiveness from the very people that have been working to destroy the middle class for decades.

tnlib said...

I'm not really comfortable with this analogy but it almost reminds me of the step-n-fetch-it mentality. He also reminds me of my divorce attorney who seemed more interested in getting approval from the oppostion's lawyer than he was in representing me.

Grung_e_Gene said...

President Obama (R)

Dave Dubya said...

President Obama (R) indeed. It seems we have Republicans (R) and Democrats (R) running the show.

Change will not happen until the big collapse. And even then, the change will be towards fascism.

Green Eagle said...

"And even then, the change will be towards fascism."

I've been afraid of this for years. It sure gives you some insight into what happened in Germany in the 1920's and 1930's, huh?