Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Angry Geezer- Still At It

God, there's no way to shut up the Maverick.

"(An old political associate) said "it hurts" McCain to vote against legislation like the Dream Act after years of working on reform but said the senator felt betrayed when Latinos overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008. "When you carry that fight at great sacrifice year after year and then you are abandoned during the biggest fight of your life, it has to have some sort of effect on you," he said."

I see, John.  You only represent the interests of people who vote for you, and anyone who disagrees with you can drop dead.  In fact, you will even vote against legislation that you previously supported, just to screw them for not sending you to the White House.  That's the spirit of our founding fathers, yes sir.

Another quote from this guy:

" McCain would be more helpful if the White House reached out to him, but "they haven't talked to him at all."

The way the Bush White House reached out to Gore and Kerry, huh?  And by the way, maybe Obama might have reached out to McCain if he hadn't devoted himself from the day he lost the presidency, to smearing and obstructing Obama at every turn.

McCain is not a loyal American.  He is a petulant, spoiled, rich, self-serving liar without a shred of real principle; i.e. the ideal Republican.


Dave Dubya said...

In addition to " petulant, spoiled, rich, self-serving liar without a shred of real principle" I'd add arrogant authoritarian neocon. Just the kind America needs to further destroy itself from within.

Poll P. said...

The 'spoilers' of this generation are such a crop of wimps--and that includes McCain, Leiberman, Glen Beck, etc.

tnlib said...

He also complained that AZ voters turned against him in the mid-term elections. Wonder why.

Green Eagle said...

This issue of betrayal is, as tnlib points out, a common theme with McCain. Sorry for the psychologizing, but I can't help wonder how this is related to his betrayal of the country during his time as a war prisoner.