Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frozen in Time

I have a list of things I feel I should be writing about, but everything seems to have come down to one issue:  when, if ever, is Barack Obama going to awaken from his hypnotic collapse and begin to govern?  If he continues with his present behavior, this country is doomed.  We need a president who is capable of something else than acquiescing in the face of any opposition, however contemptible and however hollow; and right now we don't have one.

Obama may very well turn out to be the weakest president since James Buchanan, whose pathological inaction was a major factor in making the Civil War inevitable.  He has now utterly squandered the strong hand he was dealt in 2008, and he shows every sign of being even more incapable of wielding the power of his office now that the Republicans have made electoral gains, than he has been in the last two years.  His capitulations to the Republicans in the last couple of weeks have been pathetic, and they only seem to presage worse to come.

The nation needs strong action on the economy NOW.  It doesn't need our president and Democratic Congress to be wasting the few weeks of strength left to them on peripheral issues like Don't Ask, Don't Tell, or the Dream act, which, however desirable, will do nothing to set the country back on the right track. 

And Obama seems mesmerized by the Republicans and the press, standing motionless, just waiting for the cobra to strike again.  God help our Republic.


Poll P. said...

Frank Rich's article this morning, comparing Obama's baffling behavior and Stockholm Syndrome was great.

Dave Dubya said...

There's some kink of syndrome taking place for sure.

I can't help but think someone had a little talk with Obama about what he can and can't do. I'm sure he was warned/threatened with the real possibility of his own version of Dealey Plaza if he got too "hopey changey".

At least this paranoid idea would make some sense in explaining his spineless lack of leadership.

LORD TRUTH 101 said...

I have to admit I misjudged President Obama.

I met him in my hometowns Clat Adams Park when he was running for US Senate. Had a short conversation with him in which I told him I'd support him when he ran for president as well.

He had the look of determination and defiance in his eyes that I picked up on. Being a former salesman I always tried to read the eyes and expressions of everyone.

He got defeated or beaten down or something since then because he's trying harder to appease than govern.

Damn shame. And looking at him now I'm not sure he can come back.

Green Eagle said...

Sad to say, I have an alternative explanation to the "Dealy Plaza" theory. That is, that Obama was always in the pockets of Wall Street, and he simply deluded us all during the campaign. His consistent appointment of Wall Street figures to deal with the Wall Street mess, right from day one, would seem to be more in line with that than anything else.