Friday, December 24, 2010

I Was Wrong

I have to say that my dire predictions about how little would be accomplished in the lame duck congressional session were wrong.  Obama and the Congress delivered on far more than we had any reason, based on their previous performance, to expect.  Good for them, and I hope it reminds them of what can be accomplished when they show a little fight, particularly given the fact that the American people are overwhelmingly behind the Democrats on these issues.

The Republican "momentum" from the recent election, so carefully built up by the mainstream press, has been squandered already by their unreasonable obstructionism.  That's shouldn't be that surprising to anyone who remembers the Gingrich days in Congress, and how Bill Clinton mangled them when they tried the same tricks. Apparently, however, Republicans have as little memory of that history as they do, for example, of why we fought the Civil War, or exactly which party supported civil rights.

Now the Democrats have a chance to see to it that the Republicans don't run roughshod over the country in the next two years.  Let's hope they keep on with their current behavior.

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