Friday, December 10, 2010

More Collapse to the Right

Isn't it a sad thing that the entire mainstream media in this country are so beaten down or so complicit that they have to rely on a bunch of out of control teenagers to stand up for freedom of the press?


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mastercynic said...

And more power to them! I am greatly annoyed that I can no longer send financial support to Wikileaks. The work they have been doing is akin to turning on the light and watching the cockroaches scurry for cover.

Poll P. said... your blog, and Stephen's music blog as well. Nice!!!

And I agree that Green Eagle is doing something unique, original, entertaining, and essential with his posts.

Green Eagle said...


I'm overwhelmed by your comments. Thanks very much. With our own leaders betraying us these days, it has gotten really hard for me to keep blogging. You've really encouraged me to keep at it.

Anonymous said...

What Poll P said. I love your blog GE. It's the only one I go to every single day of my life.