Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Change of Heart?

Can this be true?  The noxious hater Bryan Fischer over at Renew America is finally starting to see the light?

"Benedict Arnold Republicans destroy military and our national security"

So, he has finally realized the abomination of squandering our military might in a failed war of aggression, or maybe he is disgusted by the Republicans' willingness to severely damage our national security and that of the whole world, by destroying our nuclear inspection agreement with the Russians, in order to score cheap political points.  Or could it be that he finally realizes what the consequences are when Republicans demolish major CIA assets in the middle east, in order to get cheap revenge on a guy who wouldn't lie for them.  Whatever it is, Bryan, congratulations for finally coming out and telling the truth!

Oh, wait...

"We are now stuck with sexual deviants serving openly in the U.S. military because of turncoat Republican senators..."

Never mind. Silly me.

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