Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Purged

The following story is making the rounds today:

"(AP)  BALTIMORE - A person with knowledge of the investigation says federal authorities have opened a criminal probe of Delaware Republican Christine O'Donnell to determine if the former Senate candidate broke the law by using campaign money to pay personal expenses."

Funny that the people in the press care nothing for the massive, virtually hidden, buckets of money from multinational corporations, and almost certainly from foreign governments, used to buy political candidates today, but they sure have time to savage this pathetic losing candidate for what is undoubtedly an extremely minor matter.

My take? The Republican party, despite doing everything it could to help this woman win their nomination (she rose a state record $7.3 million for her campaign) realizes that she made a total fool out of herself, and they are going to make sure that she is destroyed before she can humiliate them again.  They didn't care about her idiotic views as long as they thought she could win, and were happy to give her a platform to air her insanity nationally, but now they are determined to see to it that she never has a role in politics again.

It has been clear since the nineties what a loon Christine O'Donnell was.  That was just fine with the Republicans- they would have been happy to foist her off on the country like many another brain dead Republican legislator.  But a losing loon?  Off with her head.


mastercynic said...

More minor than what Charlie Rangel did? Even die hard Republican Ben Stein thought his censure was way off the mark.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Rangel is black that's why. Just like BO's latest cause is the murdering, torturing emotionless,ruthless dog killer Michael Vick.
SUch values' our president has.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

wow such intellect here,one personal attack after another.
I thought liberals were all about "free thinking" not schoolyard bully tactics. We already have that in the White House and most leftwing blogs.
pick a target,personlize it and polarize it.
You learn well from your master.

Green Eagle said...


You have commented fairly regularly here lately- or at least I assume it is the same person, as the viewpoint of the comments seems similar. Can I suggest that you pick a name- any name- which will leave you just as anonymous, but allow us to carry on a conversation with you knowing that we are talking to the same person? You have a lot to say, and I would like to engage your viewpoint as a whole, not just trade jabs about whatever we have said most recently.