Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some Gun Violence Truth

Unwanted, of course.  From a study by the Center for American Progress, here's a little map of gun violence in the United States by State:

I thought that it would be interesting to compare this with the following, a map of how States voted in the last Presidential election.  Note that this map was issued before the idiots in Florida could count their votes.  Florida should be blue on this map:

I'll save you the trouble of counting.  Every State in the top 20% of gun violence, with the sole exception of New Mexico, voted Republican.  Exactly three Republican voting States were in the lowest 40%.

Of the 26 States that voted Democratic, 20 were in the lowest 40%, 6 were not.

Draw your own conclusions.  While we are on the subject of maps, here is another interesting one I ran across a few days ago:

This is a map of how happy or angry people are in the various States, with green being the most happy and red the most angry.

I'm telling you, they don't call the South red states for nothing.


Poll P. said...

How come California's not the happiest place on earth? It's got Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

attractions don't fill up your needs. ironically it's because movie stars in hollywood are unhappy of their lives.