Tuesday, April 9, 2013


You heard it here first.

We all know that there is nothing that Republicans would love more than to impeach Obama.  We also know that they won't because they can't get a conviction in the Senate.

Well, I'll tell you what:  I think that Obama's betrayal on Social Security, based on the lie that it has anything to do with the budget deficit, is a legitimate cause to remove him from office, in favor of Joe Biden, who I think would remain true to Democratic party commitments to never cut Social Security, and who would not forget the working people of this country.

If Obama carries out his threat, to essentially make all the rest of us pay for the damage the rich have done to this country, I believe it's time for real progressives in the Senate to join with Republicans and remove him from office.  The Republicans are open tools of the rich, but it doesn't help us any to spend the immense resources we did to replace them with a covert tool of the rich.

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Suzan said...

Where do we sign up?

Thanks for your stellar reporting!