Monday, April 15, 2013

Marathon Bombing: The Winners Are Announced!

At long last, the tension is over!  Green Eagle can finally reveal the names of the winner of the Boston Marathon Bombings Who Can Attack Obama First contest!

But wait! We have a tie here, between two of the highest seeded competitors.  First, from Breitbart News, the ever-dependable Ben Shapiro with this entry:

"Obama Does Not Call Boston Bombings Terrorism"

But in a dead heat with him, the right wing's champion of stupidity, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

 "Crazy… Obama Won’t Call Boston Marathon Bomb Blasts a Terrorist Attack"

Yes, in Obama's brief statement today, largely (and appropriately) restricted to discussing the Federal role in the forthcoming investigation, he failed to jump up and down and scream "TERRORISM" at the top of his voice.  He acted like a national leader dealing with a tragedy, not like a paranoid, bloodthirsty jackass only interested in using the incident to spread as much hatred as possible.

How dare he?

Well, congratulations to Ben Shapiro and Jim Hoft for their exemplary work on behalf of Republicans everywhere.  They are now eligible to win the magnificent Green Eagle FREEDOM trophy, an artist's rendering of which is shown below.

A fitting reward, I am sure you will agree.

Update:  I must report that there may be another contender for this award.  Within the first few lines of their online coverage of this tragedy, CNN felt it necessary to tell its readers that "Obama doesn't say 'terror.'"  Our liberal media speak out!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same nonsense the right was hollering about right after Benghazi--"he didn't call it terrorism!"?

Why does it matter? We need the president to tell us that when people are blown apart, maimed and killed, it was terrorism?