Friday, April 5, 2013

Republican Change of Course on Immigration Explained

I can't believe all of the left of center people that think they have won a great victory because Republicans have opened themselves up to some kind of compromise on immigration.

First, let me state an immutable truth:  Republicans never do the right thing.  That's not what their masters pay for.  It is important to begin any attempt to understand their behavior with this firmly in mind.

Now, back to the subject.  After a couple of decades of it's being obvious to anyone who cared to open their eyes, demographic reality has caught up to the Republican party.  They now know that even rampant cheating is not going to get them back on top politically.  So, they have had to decide which of the groups that are against them can be manipulated into voting Republican, with the least damage to their rich backers.

The decision they have made is that the easiest way for them to assemble an electoral majority is to peel off about twenty percent of the Latino vote.  Having a contemptuous view of Latinos (as they do of blacks, women, Jews, Nobel Prize winning Princeton economics professors, and anyone else who won't vote for them,) they believe that they can accomplish their goal by waving a partisan carrot in front of Latinos.  This is okay with their rich backers, who are sure that letting a significant pool of low income workers into the country will lower wages for everyone, thus giving the wealthy a free gift- an essential part of any Republican legislation.

Well, that's it- give some meaningless ground on one issue, and keep to their piggish behavior on everything else.  At this point, that's their strategy.  I think they are going to discover that Latino voters are a little smarter than they give them credit for, but who knows...they could be right.

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