Friday, April 5, 2013

I Give Up

 The only story that matters today:

"President Obama will present a budget next week that includes cuts to Social Security and Medicare, putting in writing his willingness to sacrifice these programs for a grand bargain. He's certainly offered them up frequently, but now it's official and included in his formal budget 2008 candidate Obama promised that as president, he would not cut Social Security, a promise reiterated by Vice President Biden in 2012. In fact, we're probably not going to be allowed to forget that, once the Republicans get their ads running in congressional districts around the country saying that Barack Obama broke his promise and wants to cut your Social Security."

The backstabbing son of a bitch.  And don't ignore the fact that Obama's definition of a "grand bargain" consists of giving Republicans what they want, so they will agree to let him give them more of what they want.  It has grown impossible for me to believe that Obama is really as stupid as he seems. At this point, it is obvious that he is a Manchurian candidate, elected to do nothing but give Wall Street, the Koch brothers and huge corporations whatever suits their desires, while buying us off with gay marriage, meaningless weak talk about global warming, posturing about gun regulation that he is letting go nowhere, and an immigration deal which will be passed for one reason only- to make Republicans look more palatable to Latinos.

I can't tell you how disgusted I am with Obama.  He is rapidly joining George W. Bush as one of the worst Presidents in history.  What a wasted eight years.


Jerry Critter said...

Obama is adding credence to the idea that there is little difference between democratic and republican politicians.

Green Eagle said...

Which is sad, because there are no Mike Huckabees in the Democratic party and no Sherrod Browns in the Republican party. The "socialist Communist Muslim" Obama is showing that being a Democrat doesn't mean you won't sell your soul for the promise of a big payoff after you're out of the White House. Clinton went for NAFTA and "welfare reform," and now he's worth $100 million. I'm deeply afraid that all Obama is interested in any more is ending up like that.

Dave Dubya said...

Obama is showing that being a Democrat means being a Jr. Republican corporatist. And this is from the man who is not running for office again. It can only mean he's kissing up to Big Money for his next gig. I can't see any other possible explanation other than he's been threatened with a "Second Amendment remedy" and he's avoiding his own Dealey Plaza type of fate.