Friday, April 12, 2013

Kicked Out

"Democrat Mark Smith’s support for same-sex marriage got him kicked out of the band...Smith said band mates in the Christian rock group One Floor Away recently told him he would have to quit as lead guitarist unless he changed his position on the issue.   He refused to renounce his support, and lost the opportunity to play music he loves for a band that is recording its first album and seems to be going places in the Christian rock scene."

"Going places in the Christian rock scene."  That's approximately as impressive as being the 73rd ranked kazoo player in Mobile Alabama on Reverb Nation.

I've got some advice for you, Mark.  You claim to be " influenced by blues greats such as B.B. King."  From now on, stick to the blues and show some integrity.  "Christian rock" is about as legitimate as a Nazi Bar Mitzva.  And I wasted a few minutes listening to this band- they suck.  You're lucky you escaped from them. 

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Poll P. said...

Harsh! But right on target.