Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weakness Beyond Comprehension from the DNC

So, the Democratic National Committee put out the following spot a few days ago, featuring the Romneys' dressage horse:

Using footage of the horse is nothing but a minor jab at the Romneys for being the kind of out of touch rich people who participate in such a sport.  But, oh no, according to Ann, it was really an unacceptable, boorish insult:

"Ann Romney, who trains with show horses as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis, took offense in an interview with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America...”

So, in the face of Romney surrogates accusing Obama of being an un-American, socialist foreigner who is collaborating with our enemies, on an almost daily basis, how does the gutless DNC respond?

"... and now the DNC is saying it will put out no more horse videos, and is expressing regret for offending Ann Romney."

This is the sort of contemptible behavior that has earned Democrats a reputation for being weak, fainting violets who are incapable of standing up to the weakest attack on themselves, let alone defending the country.  There was not one thing wrong with this campaign spot.  The DNC's response should have been to run ten more featuring the dancing horse, not to run for cover after the weakest, most pathetic attack on them.

If the DNC's miserable behavior gets currency in the press over the next couple of days, it could materially damage the great success Obama has had in (very appropriately) making Romney answer for his business practices.  Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, through cowardice- the DNC's specialty.


Poll P. said...

The only problem I had with the dancing horse ad, was that they didn't nail it firmly enough to Romney; it depended on the viewer already knowing that if you have MS and are por, screw you, but if you're rich and have it, the sky's the limit.

Anonymous said...

and if you are rich you can donate to therapy programs to help the poor.
Or you can wait for Kathleen Sibelius to approve your treatments.

mastercynic said...

Has anyone mentioned the $77,000 a year tax deductions the Romney's claim for the feed and upkeep on the horse? Is this because it's personally therapeutic?

Green Eagle said...

Personally, after hearing about the $77,000 tax deduction for the horse, I'm surprised that this dick hasn't been laughed out of the country. He should never be allowed in front of a microphone without someone bringing that up. And instead of hitting him on this grotesque nonsense, the Dems run from any talk about the horse, because it might hurt his poor wife's feelings.