Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Persistent Republican Lie In Action

Here's a perfect example of the manner in which Republican lies are injected into the public consciousness by endless repetition.  This is a chart (this time from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit) which we see over and over again in various forms:

A cursory look at this chart would lead people to believe that Obama exploded the Federal budget deficit.  This apparent fact is used to bolster the Republican myth that it is Democrats who are the out of control spenders in the U.S.

However, one thing is wrong with this chart, which Hoft and all the other Republican propagandists know perfectly well:  The line for the year 2009, when the deficit vastly increased, represents not Obama's budget, but the last Bush budget, passed in October of 2008.  The chart should really look like this:

Quite a different story, huh?  Now, we see that it is the Republican Bush who tripled the budget deficit in one year.  In fact, Obama has made significant cuts in the deficit every year that he has been in control, cutting the deficit by about a quarter in three years. At this rate, Obama would succeed by the end of his second term in reducing the deficit to less than half of what he was left with by the previous Republican administration.

This is in contrast, of course, to what would happen under a Romney administration.  Romney's promised tax cuts for the rich and increased defense spending would balloon the deficit far beyond what even Bush managed to achieve, leaving Republicans with no task but their usual one of convincing the American people that, once again, it is somehow the Democrats' fault.

Thus, the lies march onward.


the yellow fringe said...

The Reichwing's can't win if they don't mislead.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Green Eagle said...

Two more "comments" from Anonymous which were nothing but the usual lying video smears of Obama, and had absolutely zero to say about the point of my post.

As always, Anonymous (like all right wingers) can't deal with the facts, so he resorts to the ugliest of lies.

Not here, Anonymous. As you can see, I leave your pathetic remarks alone when they are in some way responsive to the points I am making. Otherwise, sit in your mother's basement, eat your Cheetos and tell yourself that you are anything but a pathetic, infantile jerk.