Thursday, July 12, 2012

The March Of Dishonesty Continues

So now it turns out that Mitt Romney flew in some black people who had nothing to do with the NAACP, to attend their convention and cheer during his speech.  He then had the gall to have a meeting with these same people who he brought to the convention, and claim that it was a meeting with NAACP officials who were enthusiastic about his candidacy.

This is shameful, pathetic behavior, but it is just fine with Conservatives, and it is being treated by the mainstream press as just normal campaign behavior.  This is the same press corps that is more than willing to air over and over again Republican claims that Obama's questioning Romney's history in business is somehow way outside the bounds of propriety.

And that's how you get a close race between a thoroughly competent, honest President and a rich crook.

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mastercynic said...

Don't be puttin down Mitt's slaves!