Friday, July 20, 2012

The Ugliness Grows

I have to say that I am totally bored with mass shootings.  So I'm going to pretty much ignore this one.  The reaction to it, however, is another thing entirely.

If you look around right wing websites, you will find endless abuse directed toward the left because ABC news, upon learning the name of the shooter, blamed a teabagger from Colorado with the same name.  Now, leave aside the fact that ABC is owned by Disney, one of the most right wing companies in the United States- this incident was enough of an excuse for dozens of websites to attack the left.

Not so much interest, however, in this (courtesy of Little Green Footballs:)

"This" being popular right wing talk radio host Alec Jones stating openly that this shooting incident was planned and carried out by the Obama administration to somehow further their goal of destroying the United States.

Make a humorous campaign spot with a dancing horse, and you have gone way over the edge- if you are a Democrat.  Put people on the radio claiming that Obama is a mass murderer- that's just fine.  These are the rules under which our presidential election is going to be run.  Get used to it.


Dave Dubya said...

I'm reassured this is all meticulously explained by Jones's "overwhelming evidence" in is "gut".

It "magically happened". What more do we need to know?

As soon as I saw this shooting on the news, I told my friend, watch, tomorrow we'll hear this was done by Obama as part of his evil socialist plot to take our guns.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones may call himself right wing but he is on the fringes.

Besides,guns don't kill people do