Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God, They Won't Give It Up

I mean the Roberts thing.  I'm beginning to think this one Supreme Court vote has totally shaken their confidence that they can buy the Presidency this fall, sending them right into madness.  Here is a really out of control example, from a female jackass named Gina Miller at the ever-disgusting Renew America.  Gina describes herself as follows:

 "a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional."

Of course, everyone knows that a "conservative Christian political writer and radio/television voice professional" is far more qualified to assess the constitutionality of legislation than the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and the former constitutional law teacher who is currently the President of the United States.  I mean, that goes without saying, right?

Well, here we go. Get ready for wisdom, tempered with an appropriate degree of respect (just kidding):

"There is no "silver lining" to last week's lawless and illegitimate decision by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the other four commie liberals to uphold the unconstitutional individual mandate in Obamacare as a tax (something the Court is not supposed to be allowed to do — re-write a law)."

Commie liberals.  One vote that they didn't like and he's a commie.  And by the way, Gina, Roberts didn't rewrite the law, he just said it is constitutional.  Of course, your career as a radio/television voice professional makes you far more qualified to decide that than John Roberts. Funny no one ever thought of making Don LaFontaine the Chief Justice.  I can hear him now, reading out his opinions:  "IN A WORLD...WHERE MILLIONS HAVE NO HEALTH CARE...ONE MAN STOOD AGAINST THE RICH..."  Man, that would have been something.

"The fact is that this is perhaps the second-worst Supreme Court decision in American history, next to Roe v. Wade"

Even worse than Dred Scott, I guess.  Being healthy is worse than being a slave. 

Of course, we have to consider the possibility that this cracker idiot has never heard of Dred Scott.

"Only idiots do not see that Obamacare is a thing born in the fiery pit of hell...It is about Washington goons determining who will live and who will die. It is about enslaving us under the all-powerful fist of the federal government."

The scary thing here is that I don't think this is a figure of speech.  I think she really believes that Obamacare came from Hell.  Sick, but that's what the right has to offer.

"By now you have likely heard about Jan Crawford's report for CBS News that stated Roberts had initially decided to correctly strike down the unconstitutional individual mandate, but later did a one-eighty and joined the liberal, anti-Constitutionalists on the Court. Although Jan Crawford's report is based on hearsay of two unnamed sources reportedly familiar with the Court's deliberations, it is a very plausible possibility."

Of course, there is not one shred of evidence to support this smear, other than "two unnamed sources," but what the heck, huh?  At least she didn't go as far as the Astute Bloggers and suggest that Roberts changed his vote because Obama threatened to kill his children.

"In his quest to make the leftist media "like" him, John Roberts has instead made himself perhaps the second-most-despised man in all of America, next to Barack Obama (or whatever his name is)"

The second most despised man in America.  Even more than, say, Jerry Sandusky or some Catholic priests you could name.  Because giving children health insurance is far more despicable than screwing them in the shower.  And by the way, Gina, Barack Obama's name is Barack Obama.  Just so we're straight on that fact.

"There very few real men any more, and of those few, even fewer seek higher office. Most "conservative" politicians are simpering, shrinking violets who say "the right things" while campaigning, only to lie down like little women when they get in office "

"Real men..."  "shrinking violets..."  I guess we see what you are getting at here, Gina.  You asshole.

"...we are still reeling from the blind-side, left hook Chief Justice John Roberts delivered to America's jaw. Did he really make that detestably wrong decision because of media pressure, or was it an even more sinister pressure (because I am certain that he knows better than what he ruled)? Whatever his reason, he has betrayed his country. He is a turncoat of the lowest order."

Yup, give people health care and you are a traitor.  What could be more un-American than a healthy public?

Well, there you go.  We are dealing in this country with 27% or so of the electorate who respond to any opposition at all, even from a very right wing Chief Justice, with a display of infantile hatred and violent threats which makes any accommodation with them absolutely impossible.  I don't know how the rest of us are going to rid ourselves of these malignant, ignorant, hate-filled people, but we'd better find a way or we are finished.

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Magpie said...

“lie down like little women”…

That’s… real nice….
Gee it’s nice to see what conservatives use for pride. Such class.
She’s batting well for the team there.