Thursday, July 19, 2012

Man, They Can't Understand Anything

Today, this includes the mainstream press and, unfortunately, most all of the left wing commentators too, who have been totally taken in by this.

"This" being the sight of Mr. Boehner and Mr. McCain reacting with ire at Michelle Bachmann for calling one of Hillary's assistants a Muslim plant:

"Boehner's remarks come a day after Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., took to the Senate floor to denounce a series of letters Bachmann and four other Republican House members sent to various agencies about the Muslim Brotherhood.

Other Republicans who have also criticized Bachmann include South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and Bachmann's former presidential campaign manager Ed Rollins."

Even a generally rational source as Daily Kos seemed to find in this touching scene  some sort of proof that Republicans actually do have some sort of soul, and are not entirely (as Green Eagle insists) utterly incorrigible criminals:

"Well, it seems no matter how far the GOP has fallen, Michele Bachmann's efforts at resurrecting McCarthyism are still enough to make them cringe."

This despite the fact that Bachmann's latest outburst is far from the most disgusting lie she has had to tell in the last couple of years, all of the rest of which received not a word of Republican rebuke. Did it never occur to people to ask, "Why now?"  Why did all these inevitably pre-programmed Republican spokesmen suddenly decide to speak out in this way, all at once?

By now, the answer should have been immediately obvious to everyone.  The Republican party has used the paranoid, ignorant ravings of Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin et. al. to mobilize their infantile base.  From here on out, they need to appeal to "independents" and other low-information voters, by seeming to be rational, decent human beings.  This is nothing but a shot across the bow of all of the wingnut wackos out there, to tell them that it is time to shut up until after the election.

This is the only explanation that fits the circumstances.  Watch the behavior of the Republican party over the next few months, as they attempt to ape the actions of rational, decent human beings, and see that I am right.

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