Tuesday, July 10, 2012

He Can't Stop Lying

Who else? Mitt, of course.  Today's example has to do with his supposedly blind trust involving his offshore investments.  Here's a tweet from Radio Iowa's Okay Henderson, regarding an interview he had with her yesterday:

"Romney re: off-shore investments – they’re in a blind trust. “I don’t manage them. I don’t even know where they are,” he says."

Now, this news, from an Obama campaign research document:

"The problem with Romney’s claim? The Bermuda corporation—Sankaty High Yield Asset Investors—was registered in 1997 and Romney was listed as the “the sole shareholder, a director, and president” of the corporation. The Bermuda corporation was under his personal ownership until it was transferred into a blind trust in his wife’s name the day before he was sworn in as governor, possibly to avoid disclosure. In fact, the one fulltax return Romney did release shows that he directly owned the company as recently in 2010 and it was not held in his trust."

Romney has (as always) out and out lied about his tax evasion.  It is essential for the Obama campaign to not pull their usual stunt and simply wake up one day and forget about the whole issue.  Romney does not give a damn about the welfare of this country, or what every citizen owes to it. This behavior is absolutely central  to the issue of why he is grotesquely unqualified to have any role in government, and if Obama doesn't insist that Romney live or die based on his behavior over the last thirty years, the Republicans will once again succeed in swindling the American people into handing over the reins of our economy to a pack of crooks.

The substance of this article from a post at Daily Kos.  I hope I will be forgiven for cribbing from them, but people need to be aware of the endless dishonesty that is all Romney has to offer the American people, and we know that the Wolf Blitzers of this world are going to treat the whole thing as a "he said-she said" thing.

Update:  God in heaven above, who would have thought that Romney could outlie himself on the same day?  Heeere's Mitt taking on the Herculean task of passing himself off as just like Bill Clinton:

"Several times during the event, Romney praised former Democratic president Bill Clinton, who he noted called himself “a new Democrat.”

Clinton, Romney said, “believed in small government, reformed welfare as we knew it” and tried “to get the economy going with trade and other positions, lower taxes.”

 In reality, Clinton signed off on the largest tax increase in the history of the United States, passed in Congress without a single Republican vote.  As a result of this tax increase, the U.S. experienced a decade of dynamic economic growth, and Clinton left the country with a budget surplus, on a path to eliminating the Federal deficit within a couple of decades.  

Then the Republicans took over, and we all know what happened.  Romney wants more of that, please, and he will tell absolutely any lie, no matter how preposterous, on the theory that every lie he tells seems plausible enough to a few low-information voters, so if he just lies long and hard enough, he could end up in the White House.  At the present time, this is the single most salient fact of the entire campaign, but the likes of Wolf Blitzer can't be bothered to mention it. 

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