Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt's Wonderful Adventure in Israel

You think he did bad in London?  Here is Mitt Romney's day's work in Israel:

He told the Arabs that they have an inferior culture, and at the same time praised Jews for having so much money- thus managing to commit an almost unheard of two-for-one act of antisemitism in one remark, as well asrendering any effort he might make as President to deal with Arabs virtually impossible.

Of course, since he seems to have no interest in Arabs except to bomb them, maybe conducting himself like a smug, self-righteous ass talking to his inferiors is his idea of masterful foreign policy.

He stated that, if President, he would make it U.S. policy that an undivided Jerusalem is the capital of Israel- something that no previous President, Democrat or Republican has ever done, because that act would produce not one shred of positive outcome, while needlessly antagonizing Arabs, solely to pander to his "base" on the right in this country- a miserable sign of what kind of foreign policy he would run.  It also indicates his utter ignorance of the geographical and political realities of Jerusalem and East Jerusalem.

He has stated his support of Israeli attacks on Iran, a nearly unforgivable undermining of Obama's foreign policy efforts, in order to engage in one more violent right wing fantasy.

He has implicitly criticizes Obama's policy while he is abroad, something that is normally considered beyond the pale for Presidential candidates.

These are the acts of a man that is utterly unsuitable to have any substantive role in running our country.  And yet, the press will let this all pass as though nothing much has happened.  It is hard to believe that the Republicans could have found, in one man, someone worse that the whole Bush administration, but here he is.  The United States as we know it will not survive his Presidency.


the yellow fringe said...

If you can get the text, it says (not quoting here) the whole thing is cultural, nothing to do with natural resources. Never mind the gaza has almost no farm land, industry, airports, or water. Everything is controlled by Israel. Can you say Warsaw Ghetto? No, it's just cultural. He also said the Jews GDP is around 24k and the ghetto arabs is 12k, actually it is closer to 35k and 1,500.
But the beauty was he tied Mexico to it, stating the same cultural flaw can be seen from the US to Mexico.
Fuck him and his grandfathers harem in Mexico.

Cardinal44 said...

Jews and Mormons living together? Can there be a surer sign of the coming Apocalypse?

BB-Idaho said...

Mitt has no foreign policy thoughts: his collection of neocon policy advisors s have prepared views he parrots. When he does think for himself it is humorous, as when he praised the Israeli
healthcare program- a government
run socialized medicine program, which like other European plans
provides better care for more people and half the price of American private healthcare.

Green Eagle said...

Yellow fringe, your remarks regarding the West Bank are false, and your comparison to the Warsaw Ghetto are antisemitic in the extreme.

Have you ever spent any time in the West Bank? I have, and I can tell you that you seriously misrepresent conditions there. No one in Israel is assembling Palestinians there to murder them, as in the Warsaw Ghetto. Unlike the Warsaw Ghetto, the West Bank is not closed- it abuts Jordan, an Arab State which is majority Palestinian and is free to do anything it wants for the Palestinians, but which expelled the entire PLO some time ago, and is, like other Arab states, more interested in the Palestinians as political tools than as human beings. What's more, living conditions in places like Tulkarm are better than what I have seen, say, in the Mississippi delta.

And let us not forget that Israeli Arabs, despite their unequal treatment, still have far more rights than religious minorities in almost any Muslim country you can name. You comparison of Israel to Nazis is disgusting in the extreme.

the yellow fringe said...

My thought was more narrow than it appears and the choice was not so well chosen. I should have suggested it like some Indian reservations, free, but bleak in prospects from a variety of causes.
My intent was not to offend a society, anti-Semitic was accidental I assure you, to offend Jews, or any ethnic or religious group. I respect every religious structure I have been in, dress and act as is that custome, I don't hoot at other's ceremonies, but I don't have any time for anyone telling me the "way".

No, haven't been there, in many parts of the world, but not there, so I'll bow out on this one. Enjoy your posts.

Green Eagle said...

Okay then- I enjoy your comments too.

Unfortunately, the press in this country seems to like representing things in the West Bank as far worse than they are, because conflict sells papers. Even with the injustice that has undoubtedly been perpetrated there (and the Israelis I know are far more ready to admit this than Americans are to admit the truth of, say, the act of aggression which was the Iraq war)there is still a higher standard of living and more political freedom than in a large part of the third world. Even in Gaza, which is governed by Hamas, whose charter calls for the death of all Jews everywhere in the world, the standard of living is higher than in much of sub-Saharan Africa.

Before this is all over, both the Israelis and Palestinians are going to have to make some difficult choices, but the problem was created over decades by both sides, and both sides are going to have to work to solve it.

Anonymous said...

He told the Arabs that they have an inferior culture,

He did not say that. He should have explained what he meant which is Jews are brought up to be educated and Palestinians are brought up to hate the Jews and blow shit up.
Well I guess that would be considered inferior.
You can only throw so much money at a situation.

Too bad they use all their aide to use for destructive purposes and not to help the betterment of the people just like that bum Arafat.

That's what they ave in common with liberals,they always blame someone else.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you do not know a damned thing about Palestinians. What you said is a racist lie. Palestinians are the most educated people in the Arab world, and the vast majority of them are normal people, who just want to live a decent life.

And Romney did indeed say that Arab culture is inferior. Romney's trip abroad was a colossal disaster, showing that he is laughably incapable of assuming the foreign policy responsibilities of the President; and particularly when you compare it to Obama's similar but triumphant trip four years ago.

You guys wanted this rich, smug bully, now you're stuck with him. Not to say that a couple of billion in corporate money (much of it foreign) won't enable him to buy the White House, at which point we will all be stuck with him. Thanks for that.