Friday, July 6, 2012

But It's All A Hoax

Courtesy of NPR, the places in the United States that saw high temperature records broken in June:

But of course, there were two words that the NPR article didn't dare mention.  Can you guess what they are?  Hint:  Their initials are G and W, and I don't mean George W. Bush.


the yellow fringe said...

If they use those terms the flood gates open and a swarm of emails and phone calls to them and to Congress begin. This is censoring by mob tactics.

Dave Dubya said...

What does record heat have to do with George Washington? Or a Game Winner? Or...General Welfare?

National Corpo-public Radio only reports national warming, not global warming. Liberals are so fussy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Al Gore is slacking off on his carbon credit purchases.

I hope you do you part by riding your bicycle to run errands.