Tuesday, July 31, 2012

See, Romney Didn't Do So Badly...

The Los Angeles Times explains it all to us:

"GDANSK, Poland – Mitt Romney is rapidly discovering the downside of a high-profile overseas trip – a visiting American presidential candidate makes an irresistible punching bag for foreign political leaders, and the resulting blows can overshadow whatever message the campaign had hoped to convey to voters back home."

Apparently, their memory at the Los Angeles Times doesn't go back four years to when another Presidential candidate made a "high-profile overseas trip" to an almost universally enthusiastic  response everywhere he went.  Funny, when the Presidential candidate involved doesn't act like an over-privileged spoiled brat, he doesn't become a punching bag.

Maybe there's a lesson there for the American people, if the press thought it was important enough to dwell on.


Jerry Critter said...

The more we see of Romney, the more he looks like bush reincarnated...and we all know how today's republicans love bush. Just look at how prominently he will be on display at the republican convention...oh wait!

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Magpie said...

Anon's YouTube seg is Hillary Clinton saying it a good and patriotic thing to criticise one's government.
It is a common delusion among Right wing twits that their opponents somehow disagree.

Please send Romney here. Morbid curiousity has me wondering how he would manage to offend us, and he would be in less of a position to offend over a billion people for nothing more than a twisted attempt to get votes at home.

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