Thursday, April 7, 2011

They Never Met a Dictator

They didn't love:

"Sen. James Inhofe still supporting Gbagbo in Ivory Coast and says he has proof election results are wrong...and he called the French murderers for stepping in and trying to help sort the situation out."

The nation's most powerful climate change denier is also quite a dictator denier too.  He claims that Gbagbo is a man of the people, and the French are over there, for some reason, slaughtering thousands. 

Well, there really are no words to describe how contemptible this sort of thing is, but it apparently doesn't bother a large segment of the American people to see one of their political parties supporting tyrants decade after decade.  The Dems aren't all that much better, but at least they have the self respect to show a little shame about their behavior.  As far as Republicans are concerned, no one counts if they are too poor to chip in to the Keep Republicans in Power fund.

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