Friday, April 8, 2011

Guess Who Is The Most Violent

Crooks and Liars has a post today about a study tracking violence by State.  Here is something I noticed about the results:  Seven of the ten most violent States voted Republican in 2008, and eight of the ten least violent States voted Democratic.

Boy, I bet you are surprised about that, huh?

And for another not so surprising result of the study:

"The institute also found that peace has a major impact on the economy. If the U.S. had that same level of peacefulness as Canada, there would be a positive economic effect of over $361 billion, and it would generate 2.7 million jobs."

There's not really much to say about things like this.  We all know they are true, but apparently there is nothing we can do about  them.


Jean Valjean said...

A change is gonna come. We're seeing the basest instincts of humanity exposed. Dictators called 'tyrants', Republicans showing their truest colors. I've gotta believe there will be revulsion and revolution soon. We must recognize corporatism as the enemy.

Octopus said...

C'est tres interessant. I wonder if this statistic also accounts for this:

Vaj said...

Using your logic, why don't you break this down into race as well!?

Jean Valjean: Tyrants?? Ha Ha! Unions lose again, Way to go Wisconsin. Prosser wins.

Wisconsin along with Massachusetts and very few other states never lynched a black man in its history.

Why don't you left wing whackos show respect where it is due.

Aside from Left wing racism, Nevada is on the list of violent states.

I've seen the whole US and I'm in one of the peaceful states. About 7 of those states are as cold as heck, 1 is the Mormon state. Washington way out West is there, Rhode Island is on there too? New England or not? I wouldn't call it a cold state but it's certainly a tiny state.

Green Eagle said...


Remember that Beatles line about "If you go carryin' pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't goin' to make it with anyone anyhow?"

Well, that's pretty much the story with "left wing racism." As soon as I see that phrase in a comment, I know the commenter is not interested in a discussion, and is just being a right wing troll. So I won't bother with any kind of refutation of your other nonsense, since I know you won't listen, and virtually everyone else here already
knows the truth.