Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green Eagle Give Up

For 525,000 Euros, you could be living here, about 10 miles from Montepulciano, and 5 miles from Lake Trasimeno.

Wouldn't this be a nice place to sit and watch the United States devolve into a third world dictatorship?  Since that's what we are living through, we might at least be somewhere where the food is good, and people have learned to spot a fascist when they see one.

How's your day going?


mastercynic said...

No palm trees? What are you? A cultured parrot or some kind of polar bear? Give me the beaches of Belize, or the economy of Brazil.

Green Eagle said...

Sorry, this place is ten miles from Montepulciano. The last time I was that close to Montepulciano, I had a bottle of Brunello in a Trattoria for $9.00. That beats palm trees any day.

mastercynic said...

I'll see your Brunello and raise you fresh lobster bisque and rum punch for $3.50.