Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lazy Green Eagle

Well, Green Eagle has just been too lazy to bother with politics the last few days.  He has just been looking out his window:

and playing with his new toy:

So, yeah, Obama said some nice things lately.  Until I see some sign that he intends to do what he says, I'm not impressed.  I'll spend my time trying to learn Five Long Years.


Poll P. said...

Wow! Now THIS is the life!

Dave Dubya said...

Nice view. And even nicer 335. I'm mainly a Les Paul guy, but I love my ES 347.

Green Eagle said...

I have a '74 20th anniversary Lester that I bought new from Don Wehr's Music City in SF, which I love. But I must say, this 335 really sounds great. It's got a kind of resonance unlike any guitar I've ever played, and it looks almost perfect for a '69 axe. I'm not parting with the Les Paul, however.

mastercynic said...

The suite life.