Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Party of the Constitution Strikes Again

The list of abuses perpetrated by the Republicans, who scream every day that only they care about our constitution, grows by the day.  Here is the newest chapter:

"The House narrowly passed legislation on Friday that calls for a House-passed FY 2011 spending bill to become law should the Senate fail to approve a spending bill by April 6...The bill, H.R. 1255, was approved over bitter Democratic opposition in a 221-202 vote in which no Democrats supported it, and 15 Republicans opposed it."

"Several Democrats argued that the measure is unconstitutional"

Several Democrats "argued" that it is unconstitutional to declare something a law when it has only been passed by one house of congress?  Does that imply that someone could seriously "argue" that such a thing just might be constitutional?  Have we reached such a state of craven corruption in our country that 221 members of Congress could without shame vote to support this illegal, dictatorial measure, and the notion that lies behind it- that anything they want to do is okay, if they can get away with it?

Prophets are said to be without honor in their own country, so I expect no one to listen to me, but mark my words: this is one more step (and a pretty big one) toward the totalitarian government that is looming ahead in the very near future, if the party of patriots have their way.  This country is dying the death of a thousand cuts, at the hands of the Republican party and their rich masters.


Poll P. said...

What's the solution? There's got to be a way out of here! What course of actions do you imagine could turn things around? Are these things happening already? I hope....

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