Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alan Keyes Wins the Birther Championship

In the wake of their colossal humiliation, the birthers have tried on about a hundred different fantasies to argue away their disgrace.  None of it, however, comes close to embodying the mixture of malignant distortion and unrestrained viciousness to be found in right wing ideology, than the following piece from Alan Keyes, former Republican presidential candidate and proprietor of Renew America, one of the nation's most widely read right wing websites.  Here's a sizable sample of the sick thinking that is the specialty of the right:

 "On Wednesday this week, after refusing the simple request for several years; after expending several million dollars in lawyer's fees to battle anyone who dared pursue it, Barack Obama finally gave in and released what purports to be a copy of his full and complete birth certificate."

A.  The "several million dollars" story is a long discredited lie.  B.  Notice the "what purports to be," referring to a document released not by Obama but by the State of Hawaii.  Well, these are just a couple of warmup lies.  Here comes the real maliciousness:

"This constitutes incontrovertible proof that he, his media claque, and the gullible or cowardly politicians (Democrat and Republican alike) who repeatedly claimed that he had already done so, were lying."

Of course, Obama long ago released a legal birth certificate, with exactly the same information about his place of birth as the recent one, but that fact did not stop Keyes from claiming the exact opposite.

"The people they derided and ridiculed as "birthers" were telling the truth."

They were?  He was born in Kenya?  Notice that this claim has totally disappeared from Keyes' account, as though it had nothing to do with this whole thing.  The entire substance of the birther's lie had vanished from history, replaced by a claim with no substance whatsoever, given that Obama was telling the truth all along.

The Certification of Live Birth published on the Internet, which these liars repeatedly referred to as his birth certificate, was an abridged certification that omitted the vital information needed to verify that he was born on U.S. soil, and could therefore claim, jus soli, to be a citizen at birth."

The whole issue is no longer whether Obama was born in the United States, or even whether the legal, real certificate that Obama released contained the correct information about his birth.  No, now Obama is a criminal scum ineligible to be President because he didn't release some other document that contained the exact same information. Well, at least now that he has released this other document, and it absolutely confirms his citizenship, the issue is decided, right?  Wrong.

"The Certificate of Live Birth released on Wednesday specifies the hospital where he was born and includes the signature of the attending physician. Assuming that it is not a convenient fabrication, it constitutes prima facie evidence as to the matter of fact involved in the eligibility controversy."

 Whether he was born in Kenya?  Wasn't that the "matter of fact involved in the eligibility controversy?"

The liars and dupes who asserted or accepted the Certification of Live Birth as his birth certificate will now contend that this ought to end the controversy. But since they were either lying or deceived up to now, it hardly matters what they contend. They ought properly to be accorded little or no credibility."

They were liars and dupes, even though they were correct all along.  Keyes and the teabaggers, on the other hand, were noble seekers after the truth, all the time they were spreading preposterous, evidenceless  smears; therefore, only their opinion carries any weight, and only they can decide if the smears they have spread for two years have been resolved.

"But until it has been submitted to forensic examination by unbiased and trustworthy experts, the same must be said of the document released Wednesday. Several years of now incontrovertibly proven deceit have generated a poisonous atmosphere of distrust. It cannot be dispelled except by careful steps, intended to reassure the many score millions of Americans who must now deeply resent the studied and deliberate campaign of deception and ridicule waged against them."

Deception which was particularly insidious, since it consisted in nothing but telling the truth.  This is a sign of the true evil genius of Obama, who has created the first new form of deception in the last two thousand years or so, which involves releasing real documents containing true information.  What a master of deceit.

"We rightly pointed out that, having repeatedly sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, he had the moral duty and obligation to show, and be seen to show, respect for its authority. Impressed by this obligation, what sane, responsible public official would deliberately, stubbornly refuse to do so, particularly after assuming the presidency, the office most singularly responsible for preserving the Constitution's integrity?"

Refusing to do so by not admitting that the insane delusions of Keyes and his friends were true.  Refusing to do so by producing a perfectly legal document proving that Keyes was wrong.  This is truly a monumental specimen of disrespect for the Constitution. Real respect for the Constitution consists in not recognizing the legitimacy of anyone who departs from the right wing agenda, i.e. racism and greed.

"Except we find a rational explanation for his conduct, Obama's actions must appear to be the result of some irrational and defensive pride, some insanely arrogant sense that the oath, duties, and lawful obligations of his position do not apply to him, as they have to the others who have occupied the office he claims."

The others who have occupied the office he claims, not one of whom, in our country's whole history, have ever been subjected to this sort of humiliating, racist demand, and none of whom (at least since right wingers accused Dolly Madison of running a whorehouse in the White House) have ever been the victim of the endless campaign of racist hate generated by the birthers and their cohorts.  Notice, in passing, the pseudo-constitutional syntax ("J"us Soli," "Except we find a rational explanation for his conduct" for example) in which Keyes cloaks his vicious ravings.

And by the way, Alan, Obama "claims" the office of the President because he was elected by the American people, as set out in the Constitution.  What kind of respect for the Constitution are you displaying, when you attempt to undo that election through a campaign of racist smears?

"But we are in fairness forbidden to suspect Obama's moral sanity unless we also question the rationality of the politicians, judges, and media personalities who joined in the campaign of lies, ridicule, and derision intended to quell public insistence that due respect be shown for requirements plainly stated in the Constitution. In addition to demeaning the status and responsibilities of American citizenship, some of these people went so far as to suggest that the Constitution can be amended de facto by simple majority vote in a general election, casting aside the procedures for amendment the Constitution establishes."

What in hell is he talking about here?  Any ideas, beyond the obvious intent to cast Obama as "morally insane," whatever that could possibly mean?

"The issue of Obama's eligibility is important only and precisely because such confirmed and visible respect for the Constitution is critical to the stability and survival of government of, by, and for the people... it is thanks to the insistent common sense of ordinary Americans that Barack Obama has finally been compelled to take the first step toward apparently submitting to the nation's vital and honorable tradition in this respect. Is this the beginning of the end of the elitists' deliberate attempt to overthrow the sovereignty of the American people? "

By consistently telling the truth for two and a half years, in the face of an unending racist campaign of lies. Is that how liberals are trying to overthrow the sovereignty of the American people?  By telling them the truth?  That's an interesting strategy.

"...will the House now move to demand proper forensic examination of the new evidence Obama has released? Will they put fealty to the Constitution above all fearful political considerations? Will they seek by proper constitutional means to assure a fair hearing for the issue, by due process of law?"

Will they collaborate with the vicious, lying tool of the racists, Alan Keyes, in keeping alive a sickening, shameful period in our history, despite the fact, obvious to every decent person for years, that Keyes' claim is nothing but an attempt to deny the will of the American people, who committed the unforgivable sin of electing a black, Democratic president?

Well, anyone who though that the truth would vaporize this nonsense should be disabused of that fantasy by now.  The liars will never stop, and the people who pay them to lie will never stop paying either; until they destroy our country.  At least, at the rate they are going, that won't be too long.

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