Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Deal

I just read that Obama is looking good for reelection.

Great.  Four more years of slightly-less-than-totally-abominable.

I guess that's all we deserve any more.


mastercynic said...

"President Obama will call this week for Republicans to join him in writing a plan to raise revenue and reduce the growth of popular entitlement programs."

Are you sure there's really a significant difference?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Obama is conspicuously failing to mount any kind of challenge to the philosophy now dominating Washington discussion — a philosophy that says the poor must accept big cuts in Medicaid and food stamps; the middle class must accept big cuts in Medicare (actually a dismantling of the whole program); and corporations and the rich must accept big cuts in the taxes they have to pay. Shared sacrifice!

Who's the Republican?

Infidel753 said...

If Obama won't speak out for economic reality, others will have to. There are Democrats in Congress and in the states -- the Wisconsin 14 showed that there are some who will get confrontational and fight. So did this.

I wish we'd done better than Obama, but the situation is what it is. If people can't see that he's vastly better as President than someone like Palin or Huckabee would be, then no, they don't deserve any better.

Green Eagle said...

I just posted something on the quote Mastercynic mentioned. I am so close to through with this guy. And of course I know that Huckabee and Palin are a lot worse. We didn't pay and work to elect Huckabee or Palin. We know what we would get from them. Obama deceived us, and he has failed to act on our behalf even when the overwhelming majority of the population supports the liberal position. So, let me know, is a tool of the rich that is up front about it really that much worse than a tool of the rich that hid the truth from us?

As you can tell, I am really angry about this. I am about ready to abandon this country and live my life out somewhere else, in the hope that the evil that is engulfing this country won't lead to too many more Iraq style aggressions around the world.