Saturday, April 23, 2011

St. John Shoots His Lying Mouth Off Again

Will no one rid us of this maggot, and the press' love of him?

"John McCain (R-Ariz.) yesterday became the highest profile U.S. official to visit Libya since international military intervention began, and gave a hearty endorsement to the rebels fighting the Gadhafi government.

 It was just 18 months ago that McCain traveled to Libya and cozied up to Gadhafi, visiting with him at the dictator's home in Tripoli, shaking his hand, and even bowing a little to Gadhafi. The point of the meeting was for McCain to discuss delivery of American military equipment to the Libyan regime."

There is no end to the degradation that this man will descend to.  And yet the press still turns to him at every opportunity, to lap up more of his self-serving lies.


Anonymous said...

Because he's a military genius!

Dave Dubya said...

Remember when it was treason to "criticize the Commander-in-Chief" on foreign soil? Must be another one of those special sanctions against non-republicans only.

Atlanta Roofing said...

This whole Libya thing is getting confused by the minute. If the motive is to get Gadhaffi out then go in take care of business. Tired of the excuses, NATO knows the rebels cannot do this alone but the fear is the perception that a direct armed interventi¬on would create worldwide.

Green Eagle said...


You are pretty much exactly right here. It's a fine balancing act to degrade Gaddafi's military capacity to the point where he can no longer brutalize his people at will, without giving undue support to a loosely coordinated opposition, some of whom are no better than Gaddafi himself. Unfortunately, the alternative is to send a message to dictators around the world that nothing will be done no matter how brutal they are. And you have to love the people that let Bush hang himself from the yardarms for six years in Iraq, who after one month are ready to call Obama a complete failure. This has been a pretty low-cost venture for us, so I am waiting to see how it plays out.