Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad Obama News of the Day

A little story to churn your stomach, from The Washington Post:

"President Obama this week will lay out a new approach to reducing the nation’s soaring debt, proposing reductions in spending on entitlements such as Medicare and Medicaid...(David Plouffe)said that though Obama does not think Social Security liabilities are a primary driver of the nation’s deficit and debt, the president would be open to discussing that, too...."

I promise you, Barack, if you go there you will never get one second of support from me again.  And guess what? I believe there are millions of Democrats like me who have some sense of decency too, and won't support a man who is a sellout to the rich, no matter what party he belongs to.  You claim to admire FDR, but you apparently don't have a clue about what he did to create a country that worked for the middle class for fifty years, until it was dismantled on behalf of the greedy rich.  We now see you as a weak, indifferent failure.  Take the steps mentioned above and we will see you as evil.


tnlib said...

Very damn discouraging.

Green Eagle said...

Man, you bet. I really have trouble getting up the energy to bother posting anything to my blog any more, and as I look at my favorite blogs, I know a lot of other people feel the same way.

What a waste. And boy, were we ever suckered. Even Sarah Palin and Ron Paul could take lessons from Obama.