Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Could Have Ever Predicted This?

One of the most persistent explanations for the Republicans' obsession with the nonexistent Benghazi scandal revolves around the claim that Mark Thompson, one of the witnesses who was to speak in the absurd House witch hunt yesterday had been "intimidated" repeatedly by the government.  Well, now Media Matters reports what we all should have known all along:

"Fox-Promoted Claim That Benghazi Witness Was Threatened Falls Apart 

After Fox News pushed a claim that a Benghazi witness had been "subjected to threats and intimidation" by State Department employees, the witness' lawyer admitted on the network that his client never said he had been threatened by anyone."

You can read more at the link if you'd like.  Let me add that the witness' "lawyer" is a guy named Joseph DiGenova who, along with his wife Victoria Toensing, has a long history as a Republican liar, dating to the couple's deep involvement in the Valerie Plame and Monica Lewinski smears against Bill Clinton, and numerous other nonexistent scandals.

 Joseph DiGenova.  I mean really, would you trust this guy
to be your lawyer?  He looks like a guy who would play a shyster lawyer
on some soap opera, when he could free up some time from playing
a used car salesman.

I guarantee you though, that this revelation will not slow Republican claims about this supposed intimidation one bit.  The right wing noise machine will go on repeating this claim from now until doomsday, just like the birth certificate, Obama's supposed Marxism, and all their other lies.

A Second Thought:  Boy wouldn't you like to know who was the first right winger to tell this lie- the one who just made it up without a shred of guilt, as opposed to the hundreds who are now repeating it knowing perfectly that there is not one shred of evidence to support it. The original sources of these smears are almost always lost in the Republican noise machine, because none of them know where they come from, and none of them give a damn whether they are true or false, as long as they think their lying will get them what they want, which in the case of the real Republican leaders consists in a country so dysfunctional that rich people can steal whatever they want.


Anonymous said...

Remember the good old days when Clarence Thomas was targeted and Valerie Plame was a worthless news story given coverage for 2 years 24/7 by the left wing media spearheaded by the dems?

Green Eagle said...

And how did that work out for us, Anonymous? Clarence Thomas is a worthless, corrupt tool completely incapable of carrying out his responsibilities on the Supreme Court. His appointment by the first Bush was a cynical and irresponsible manipulation that has done immeasurable harm to the country through his collaboration in making Bush's son the President, his vote on Citizens United and many other acts of judicial corruption designed to further the interests of the rich.

The Valerie Plame story was a right wing smear, run by the exact same people who have produced the two dishonest Benghazi "whistleblowers," both of whom were quickly revealed to be the usual unapologetic Republican liars.

Aren't you proud of yourself for being on their side?

Green Eagle said...

And may I add that, as usual, Anonymous engages in the typical right wing strategy of posting lies and smears online, and when he is questioned, just disappearing, to post more lies and smears on another occasion.

I'm sure that, like most Conservatives, he is just hugging himself with glee at the thought that he is annoying liberals; sorry to burst your bubble, Anonymous, but I allow your comments to remain here as proof that the treatment that I give your fellow right wingers is justified.