Friday, May 17, 2013

Just More to Complain About

Miscellaneous nonsense from the last couple of days:

A. The Deficit

Now that the deficit is shrinking rapidly, what do you think will be the Republicans' response?
a.  Hey, we don't actually need to screw poor people and old people any more.
b. It's time for another tax cut for the rich!

Take a guess!  If you're wrong, you get a 6" railroad spike through your ear.  Not that it will make much difference- if you choose a, you obviously don't have a brain.

B. The Real IRS Scandal

The real IRS scandal is that all of the synthetic, funded-by-the-rich Teabagger groups, and Karl Rove's money factory, and all of the rest of the bogus organizations organized for the sole purpose of electing Republicans, were not immediately stripped of their tax exempt status, and the people who submitted the legal forms asking for that status imprisoned for perjury.  And this includes the Catholic Church and all of the many evangelical churches around the country that openly flout the law by using their positions to campaign for Republican candidates.

C.  Eric and Louie

So, it's big news that Eric Holder actually had the balls to talk back to Louie Gohmert.  See, Barack, it didn't hurt so much to tell the truth.  Why don't you try it some day?  You're great at making speeches, if not much else these days, so how about telling the American people that the Republican party has turned into a traitorous fifth column that is sabotaging the country as fast as it can?

D.  Barack's Base

And while we are on the subject of Obama, it's clear that he's decided that the people who elected him twice have nowhere else to turn, so he can afford to let them rot, in order to maintain faith with those who he really cares about- the Wall Street financiers and the bankers who put up the money for the quadrennial dumb shows to convince people that he is slightly less of a corporate tool that the Republicans.  Right now, Obama's behavior the only thing on earth that promise to resuscitate the Republican party from the land of the living dead.  Which is just a way stop, by the way, on the road to the land of the dead dead, where the Republican party belongs, and where it would have been if it hadn't been rescued by the feckless Obama.  What an opportunity he had to really make a difference, and what a pathetic result, thanks to his determination above all else to keep the money flowing, from the people who wrecked the economy into his campaign coffers.

E.  Give It Up Already, Bob

And how about that idiot Bob Woodward, comparing Benghazi to Watergate?  This guy is the Charles Lindbergh of reporting.  He does one attention getting thing in his whole life, and spends the capital pushing right wing ideas for the next forty years.  At least Adolf Hitler is dead, because otherwise, Woodward would be pushing him too, like Lindbergh did.

Sort of makes you wonder if Carl Bernstein wasn't responsible for the whole Watergate investigation, and Woodward just got to go along for the ride as the token goy.


Anonymous said...

Obama is sooooo perfect. He does nothing wrong. Amazing

Green Eagle said...

I have complained about Obama at great length and continue to do it. It is your side that can tolerate no criticism of your miserable traitorous leaders.

Anonymous said...

yeah but you don't complain about the things you should be complaining about,not that the fact that he isn't "progressive" enough

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you have demonstrated over and over again that you do not have one damned clue about what in this country needs complaining about. Try looking in the mirror some time, because ignorant, hate filled jackasses like yourself who love being led around by the nose by whoever is screaming the loudest are the biggest piece of the whole puzzle.

Grung_e_Gene said...

I have heard that a ***secret*** IRS Memo exists that confirms all the dastardly beliefs the Right has been foaming about for the last 5 years.

And if you don't believe in this ***secret*** IRS memo then you are a obot and leftist and part of the problem!

Refute that!!!