Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Sayin'

Check here for some good comments to accompany this chart.


Poll P. said...

I know it doesn't belong on this chart, but who's screamin about the 3000+ 9/11 deaths on his watch? How has he been made to pay for those?

Anonymous said...

It's clear that the Clinton Administration ignored Al Queda even after the attack on the US War Ship, attack on our troops in Africa and our embassies there. Its been documented (and ignored) that BJ Clinton could have taken out Osama Bin Laden but wouldn't do it. I would say the BJ Clinton Administration deserves more blame for 9/11 then the Bush Administration( who barely was in office before the attack

Grung_e_Gene said...

Finally, a President will be Impeached for 9/11!

Oh no, not George W(orst President Ever) Bush! George Bush "inherited" 9/11.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you are lying as usual. Clinton made numerous attempts to get Bin Laden, which were all viciously attacked by Republicans who claimed Bin Laden wasn't a threat and Clinton was only doing it to distract people from Monica. That view carried over into the Bush Administration, which refused to do anything about Bin Laden, despite being begged to deal with him by former Clinton staff members- resulting in 9-11.

As for the story about Clinton being able to take out Bin Laden, naturally, you have left out the details. Late in Clinton's term, Bin Laden was detected, on a hunting vacation with the ruling princes of Dubai. We could not bomb Bin Laden without killing the princes, creating a massive international incident and further complicating our relations in the Middle East, so Clinton passed on the attempt. And let us not forget that it was these very same princes who went on vacations with Bin Laden, to whom George W. Bush, a couple of years later, was willing to sell the concession for port security in the United States. Money was all that counted to the Bush Administration. They never gave a damn about our security, except insofar as it could be used as a tool to beat up on their opponents. Look at this nation's history in the last hundred years- Republicans start wars; Democrats win them.