Monday, May 20, 2013

Not One Cent for Tribute

I've been watching the massive devastation of the tornadoes that struck Oklahoma yesterday and today.  Before we get around to sending them any money, I hope that people will keep in mind that both of their Senators and four of their six Representatives voted against the final Hurricane Sandy relief package.  And those two Senators, Inhofe and Coburn, are right at the front of the corrupt anti-global warming pack that is guaranteeing that things like this happen more and more as time goes on.

Call me insensitive, or any other name you want to use.  I'm tired of having them stab us in the back every time and then come around whining that we are horrible people if we don't give them whatever they want.  Let the folks from Oklahoma who keep electing these evil people fix their own God damned State.


johninoregon said...

If only we had some Democratic senators willing to force Inhofe to grovel and beg for funding. I'm all for anything that forces the mainstream media to shine a bright light on that absolute -- I'm struggling for a word negative enough to describe him.

Paul Avery said...

Well, I live in Oklahoma and I'm not at all offended by your words. I only hope you know that ALL the voters in Oklahoma didn't vote for these evil people. There is too much blaming the innocent along with guilty going on these days.
With that said, I'm surprised that no one to my knowledge has pointed out that in areas plagued by killer tornadoes, adequate storm shelters aren't provided for public schools--especially in Moore, which had a monster twister as recently as 1999.

Sam240 said...

For the record, Tom Cole, whose 4th congressional district includes Moore, voted for H.R. 152, which granted relief money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Green Eagle said...


You are correct. Tom Cole and Frank Lucas voted for the bill. All other representatives and Senators from Oklahoma voted no.

Those people, and the people who voted for them need to really do some hard thinking about their attitudes. I feel like the rest of us are enabling them in their behavior when we take care of every mess they create, and then let them act with total indifference when we have our problems. And by the way, that's exactly what has happened with the banks and Wall Street, where the same sort of people don't give a damn about anything but their own needs.

the yellow fringe said...

Poor Oklahoma, first they got stuck with Senators that don't understand science, and now they get this gigantic tornado.

the yellow fringe said...

Within the last hour Coburn announced he will not support tornado relief in his state without budget cuts. What a service to his state, what a hero, hope they are proud of him.

My father was born in the Indian Territories, what would later become Craig County Oklahoma, man am I glad his family moved out. (how is that possible, my father was an old man when I was born, I was a late delivery)

joseph said...

Tip O'Neill wrote of farmers coming to him for help. An aid pointed out that none of them voted for any democrat. O'Neill helped them anyway, believing that it was the duty of the government to help those in need. I'm not sure he was right.

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

This is rich – Senator Inhofe saying: “Oklahoma Tornado Aid Will Be Totally Different From Sandy Aid.”

Yup, Hurricane Sandy relief – affecting 14 states, the second costliest storm in history, and the one Senator Ingrate considered “a slush fund.”

Read between the lines: “Relief for me but not for Thee.”

Thus said, I am not inclined to punish the hapless citizens of Oklahoma for the smug smallness of their leaders. Rather, I would prefer to err on the side of doing the right thing and then make a public example of Ingrate and Co-Burn-in-Hell for their pettiness and moral hypocrisy.