Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Perfect "Discussion" with a Conservative

From Media Matters, an economic discussion with right wing hero Rick Santelli, who is paid handsomely by pro-business people to present their position. I think this short video perfectly demonstrates what it is like to try to present a reasonable viewpoint when it doesn't suit Republican cant.  Media Matters ran it to show Santelli angrily shouting that hundreds of thousands of jobs lost mean nothing, but I think there is a wider point to be seen here- the irrational intransigence and belligerence which is all the right has to offer in the way of argument.  Give it a try:

This is not discussion, it is a verbal blackjacking.  They do this because they know that they are wrong about everything, but they are paid to push their position and nothing is going to stop them.

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Ez said...

He pledged not to talk over Rick. Did he also pledge not to just tell him to STFU?