Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why Are We Stuck With These People

Telling us what we are required to believe?  Here's Jennifer Rubin, and why, O God, hasn't the Washington Post kicked this lying hack to the curb?  Don't we deserve at least the pretense that the employees of our major national news organizations are going to try to tell the truth?

Well, Jennifer has made up her mind that, two weeks into Obama's second term, he's a complete failure.  Her comments made me so furious that I just have to share them, so let's go:

"We are barely out of January and all this has occurred: We learned the economy contracted in the 4th quarter of 2012."

Totally as a result of Republican budget cuts in State and local governments where they were in control.  But of course, this deliberate economic sabotage is presented by Ms. Rubin as a colossal failure by Obama.

"President Obama is trying to wriggle out of a sequester, which he insisted upon in the 2011 budget negotiations." 

That is not true.  The sequester was the result of criminal Republican intransigence, in which Republican legislators acted to destroy the economy if they didn't get what they wanted.  Under the circumstances the sequester was the best deal that Obama could get.

"The Congressional Budget Office says our debt is dangerously increasing." 

 Another Republican lie, gladly repeated by Ms. Rubin.  The Congressional Budget Office doesn't throw charged characterizations of the economy into its forecasts.

"Obama was forced to push Susan Rice aside..."

Yeah, again by vicious misuse of Senatorial power to destroy a highly qualified appointee.

"and should have pushed Chuck Hagel off the boat."

 Because despite being a Republican, Hagel turned overnight into their worst enemy when he agreed to act like a patriotic American and help a Democratic President continue his history of almost miraculous foreign policy success.

"And Benghazi -- you remember the story the mainstream media would not cover?..."

First of all, that is a lie because the mainstream media did cover the hell out of this "story;" and second, that is all the more disgusting because there is no story there, other than another Republican attempt to sabotage the Obama administration, regardless of the cost to the country.

" -- has turned into a debacle."

Another utter smear.  Republicans (and Ms. Rubin herself) have spent months telling dozens of different lies about Benghazi, and despite their screaming that continues to this day, they have convinced no one but their own stupid, vicious followers that anything wrong happened.  But Ms. Rubin continues to blame Obama for a mortal sin that neither she nor her Republican collaborators can define.

"Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified today that the president was absent during the Benghazi, Libya, attack(s)"

 No he didn't.  Or rather, he did in the edited account of his testimony released by Republicans and referred to here by the shameless Rubin.

"and neither he nor Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke to anyone in the White House after briefly telling the president an attack was underway."

 No, but as we know now, the White House was in constant communication with the Army and the Defense Department.  It is apparently a crime that the information was conveyed through normal communications channels, and not in the form of hysterical phone calls from the Secretary of Defense.


Yeah, what!?!

This evil woman, who came to our attention over the last eight months or so by spinning an unending series of lies intended to destroy this country by making Mitt Romney the President of the United States, can literally not write a single line without spresding  vicious, traitorous falsehoods.  And yet there she is, vomiting forth her nastiness to the entire nation with the blessing of the Washington Post, while people like Markos Moulitsas, Brad DeLong and John Amato, who work every day to tell the truth, are virtually unknown.  I must point out again that you would have to be stupid in the highest degree to believe that this sort of thing is anything but a deliberate attempt to seed our public discourse with a fatal poison.

Sorry to be so angry, but man, does this sort of thing irritate me.


Grung_e_Gene said...

She's got Inhofe's attention and now she's going to spew as many lies and slanders as possible in order to secure her star in the Right-Wing universe.

Green Eagle said...

And her paycheck. Never forget that. In the end, money is really all that counts to these people.