Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reality Versus The Republicans

Here are a couple of stories, complete with graphs, detailing what we lefties foolishly value as actually being, you know, "true."  They run against what we are told every day by Republicans and the miserable excuse we have for a mainstream press, so I guess I shouldn't be mentioning them, but I never studied journalism, so apparently I haven't yet figured out that it's not about "truth," whatever that is.

First, we learn this surprising fact (surprising if you only listen to our nation's "serious voices") from Daily Kos:

"U.S. has been doing austerity, and it's been hurting, not helping"

Hurting, just like everywhere else in the world that it's been tried.  Here's a comparison of government hiring during the current recession, with hiring during every other recession in recent times:

You know that the vast majority of American have been conned by the media into believing that Obama does nothing but expand government.  But here's the truth- the pathetic pace of this recovery is directly related to forced government job losses. As we've seen around the world, "austerity," i.e. allowing rich investors to plunder the nation's wealth and then making everyone else pay the price, causes nothing but disaster.  But it's still being shoved down our throats, paid for with billions in corporate propaganda.

Now, another fact that will surprise most people:

"Contrary To GOP Rhetoric, Low-Tax States Have Worse Economic Growth...a new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy shows that so-called “high tax states” are actually experiencing more growth and less decline in income than states that are supposedly super-conducive to economic expansion:

 "In reality, states that levy personal income taxes, including the states with the highest top rates, have seen more economic growth per capita and less decline in their median income level over the last ten years than the nine states that do not tax income. Unemployment rates have been nearly identical across states with and without income taxes."

And a little graph to show that:

Again, completely contradictory to what we are told over and over again, and to what we will continue to be told, regardless of the facts.

And how are Republicans working around the country to deal with this reality?  Here are three stories from today's news, showing their diligence and dedication.  First, from Arizona:

"Arizona Senate Approves Gold, Silver As Legal Tender...Arizona's Republican-controlled Senate passed a bill on Wednesday to make gold and silver legal tender in the state.

According to Capitol Media Services, Republicans who pushed the measure through said they feared the value of the dollar could tank, making the law necessary."

"In 2011, Utah became the first state to approve gold and silver coins as legal currency. States such as Montana, Missouri, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Washington have considered similar measures in recent years."

Let me state the obvious:  They're not preparing for the collapse of the United States, because even they aren't stupid enough to think that will happen.  What these Republicans are doing is deliberately undermining people's faith in the Federal Government, hoping to turn them into violent, armed traitors.  Next, from Idaho:

"A Republican lawmaker in Idaho has proposed an amendment to the state Constitution that would require all adults to be militia members in an effort to preserve their right to bear arms...(State Senator Jim) Rice argued that the federal government could never take away people's guns if the Idaho Constitution was changed to make all adults members of the state militia as a "backstop."  

Republican involvement in creating massive armed mobs, who see it as their duty to attack the Federal Government.  If this is not treason, i.e. preparing to wage war against the United States, I don't know what is.  Finally, this tidbit from Arkansas:

"LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The Arkansas Senate voted Thursday to override a veto of a near-ban of abortions starting in the 20th week of pregnancy and backed a separate measure that would outlaw the procedures in most cases beginning in the 12th week.

The Republican-led Senate voted 19-14 along party lines to override Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto of the 20-week bill, a day after the GOP-led state House voted to override it. A simple majority was required in each chamber."

That will really help deal with our problems.

The Republican party is currently at war with America.  The war is still being fought with lies, smears and media attacks.  But they know they are losing the hearts and minds of the American people, so they are preparing as fast as they can to carry their war out with violence and subversion.  Well, this is just one more obvious truth that no one seems to want to face.


Magpie said...

I have worked closely with journalists. Truth is often not seen as a career enhancing priority.
But moving on…
Capitalism – as we know and love it – is the economy of optimism. It is almost the literal act of choosing to be prosperous. Subsistence economy, also known as austerity, is what we had before capitalism, back in the dark ages. It’s choosing to be poor.
Or… more accurately, choosing for OTHER people to be poor.

Poll P. said...

What you are highlighting is scary as hell!