Friday, February 1, 2013


Wolf Blitzer, at the beginning of his show today, comments (reproduced by memory, may not be word for word:)

"The Dow closed above 14,000 today-twice what it was at the beginning of Obama's first term.  A banner day for Wall Street and the White House, but DOES OBAMA DESERVE ANY CREDIT?"

Well, as it turns out, of course not.  Blitzer was on TV minutes after the markets closed, doing everything he could to see to it that no one gives Obama a shred of credit for saving the economy from the Republican depression.

Of course Obama doesn't deserve any credit.  Obama, or for that matter any Democrat, is not responsible for a God damned thing that goes right.  They are only responsible when things go wrong.  Even things that are obviously caused by Republicans, like our recent near depression, are really the fault of Democrats, if you look at things properly (or better yet, if you don't look at them at all, and only believe what your betters tell you to.)  And even when things do go right, it is only a proper occasion to beat up on Democrats over nothing.  So here is Wolf Blitzer, that great icon of American Journalism, reacting immediately, savaging Obama before anyone could possibly even start up with the notion that Obama did something right. 

Because, if people believe that Obama is doing the right thing, all of the great national momentum toward giving Social Security and Medicare money to the rich, to reward them for their role as masters of our universe, might slightly decrease, and the people might only accept giving part of our Social Security and Medicare to the rich, and then where would the billionaires be?  I mean, they'd still have their yachts and their multiple luxury houses and all, but they might not be so rich that they could afford to buy House and Senate seats for Republican crooks.  What kind of ugly country would that leave us with?

Thanks, Wolf, for being so quick to tell us what to believe.  What a huge thanks we owe to the National media for relieving us of the need to set the tone for our national debates.


BB-Idaho said...

For the last 80 years the market has performed better under Democrat administrations. Wolf aside, I would expect from Obama

Grung_e_Gene said...

I Blame OBUMMER! Oh wait.

The entire Right in this country is wedded to insanity.

Their Manichaeist Worldview does not allow for shades of gray and they therefore end up rabidly defending Bush for 9/11 while calling President Obama The Butcher of Benghazi...