Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The End Game

I'd like to mention a currently popular Democratic delusion, as exemplified by this comment at Daily Kos today:

"What's whacky is the end game. The GOP is going to lose on this like they lost on the 2012 election, the fiscal cliff, Benghazi hearings, Bush tax cuts for the rich, Hagel nomination, etc...So what's their brilliant plan?"

Well, here is their "brilliant" plan:  Sure, they will take a bit of a hit over the sequestration, but they believe that will be long forgotten by the 2014 elections.  What won't be forgotten is the new recession, deliberately caused by their intransigence, which they will then spend hundreds of millions of dollars blaming on the President and Congressional Democrats.

And I hope there is no one reading this, at this point in history, that doubts that the Republicans will deliberately destroy our economy in order to take back power. 

Well, that is the plan.  Hang on tight, and we'll see if it works.

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Magpie said...

People should be saying “well we have this moment of a Democrat at the beginning of his second term… with Republican cred at a historic low, with people talking about gun regulation like they haven’t for a long while, with wars ending or at least not starting, with a health care system that needs attention, with infrastructure that hasn’t been fixed up for the longest while… what do you want to do with this moment? Because once you give the good stuff to the people, for all their belly-aching the Republicans would have devil’s own job taking it away from them. Especially if you make sure of it.”