Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Tale of Obama and the Gun

So, the White House revealed that Barack Obama has been spending some of his time at Camp David learning how to shoot skeet.  Of course, many right wingers dismissed this story as utter nonsense, because Democrats melt like the wicked witch of the west if they touch a gun.  Well, here's where this irrelevant story takes a familiar turn.

The next step was the release today of this photo:
Well, anyone want to guess how long it will be before we hear that this is a cheap photoshop forgery, and who will be first out of the gate- Jim Hoft?  Jerome Corsi over at World Net Daily?  Or will a new challenger emerge to trumpet long and loud that this is just the latest malicious distortion from Obama, like the birth certificate thing, and the ongoing denials that he is the Antichrist?  It's bound to happen, you know.

LATE BREAKING NEWS!   Oh, how could Green Eagle ever have been so gullible!  They beat him to it!  The contest is over already!  Here is a small sample of comments by gun "experts"  from the story at World Net Daily reporting about this photo:

"-I'm calling fake. Just like his birth certificate."

"Look at the shoulder. I haven't shot skeet in 30 years but I still know it would hurt like hell to shoot holding a shotgun that way. On the shoulder joint/upper arm? Come on. Does he think the sheeple are that stupid?"

"Is the photo photoshopped? Now we have a suspect for the photoshopping of Obama's birth certtificate."

"What a JOKE!!!! One thing I can add is his Photoshop person is getting "A Little" Better!!"

"Nice photo shop job, that imbecile wouldn't know which way to point it."

"This photo is just as fake as the "birth certificate." It's likely a photoshopped image. The gun should be pointing up, since skeet are released into the air above the shooter. There's way WAY too much smoke. What's with that smoke out the side? His eye is too low to actually see over the barrel. Hold the shotgun against your shoulder like that, Barry, and you're sure gonna hurt the next day. And what's that coming out of the barrel besides smoke? The choke isn't screwed in? Why is there no evidence of him turning to follow the skeet in the photo? Very unconvincing."

 "there is no recoil evident in his body stance, his sight line does not line up properly over the barrel, and I have never seen a shotgun produce visible smoke at the moment of discharge. This photo is staged and/or Photoshopped. Phoney *** is a blatant liar!"

And my personal favorite:

"Sorry but the Pres. cannot take criticism of any kind, beit personal or political without defending himself."

Because if he points out that right wing assholes are telling one more lie about him, there is something wrong with him.  God, how could I ever be stupid enough to think that they wouldn't beat me to any lie about Obama?

And as if we shouldn't have seen this coming, this one hundred percent pack of meaningless dribble already has a name: has christened it "Skeetgate."  How many years are we going to have to listen to them firing themselves up into a smoking fury over that?

Update:  Just for the record, I was going to put together a sort of Wingnut Wrapup about this developing "story," but this is one I just can't be bothered with.  If you want to see more about this pathetic nonsense, try Roy Edroso at the Village Voice, who has found as much as anyone could stand.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, no one who has ever fired a shotgun more than once holds it like that. The recoil would shove that lower butt plate into the shoulder and it would hurt like hell.

Green Eagle said...

Are you saying that this whole thing is a gigantic fraud, perpetrated for God knows what reason? Because really, what this post is about is the American right's licensing themselves to tell any sort of preposterous, mean-spirited lie about Democrats. I really don't give a damn if Obama bruises his shoulder shooting.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to ponder the motives, I'm just saying that people who shoot shotguns "all the time" don't hold a shotgun like that.

Green Eagle said...

I think Mr. Obama has other things to do than shoot shotguns "all the time." I'm tired of the constant Conservative assertion that only they know how to shoot guns, and so liberals don't have a right to say a thing about it. I don't have a clue how to go about mugging someone, but I don't really think that disqualifies me from having an opinion about banning mugging.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Anonymous is either an ignorant asshole or a racist liar. With the advent of high-speed digital photography images can be captured which seem disjointed. It's as is racist asshole Anonymous believes that image was taken of a static President Obama over an exposure time of 3 seconds which proves that he was born in Kenya.

Go Fuck yourself you lying racist anonymous asshole.