Monday, February 25, 2013

Memories of the Day of Resistance

What?  You don't have any memories of the Day of Resistance?  You never heard of the Day of Resistance?  That damned liberal press must have covered the whole mighty thing up.

Well, for your information, Saturday was the (need I repeat it?) Day of Resistance- the day when gun owners and supporters of the fevered right wing interpretation of the second amendment would proudly assemble around the country and display their might, just like the Tea Parties of legend, causing the evil Democrats to cower at the sight of the People Standing Tall, Guns In Hand!

So, how did it go?  Well, here are a few pictures of this earth-shaking day, from around the country:

Well, there you go.  This is what happens to the teabagging right wingers when they don't have the likes of the Koch brothers to pay for their parties and bus in the participants.  The whole country, thanks to our miserable mainstream press, spent years cowering in terror of this pathetic handful of ignorant loons, who never even realized that they were nothing but the tools of the rich.

Well, at least this time, no one seemed to have paid much attention to their pathetic tantrum.  Even the right wing websites and "news" sources that heavily promoted these events over the last month seem to be ignoring their utter failure.

This is the reality of the opposition to the Democratic positions that over 90% of the country agrees with.  And yet we are continually treated to an account of national affairs that treats them as equal to all of the rest of us, thus assuring that the "center" moves ever farther toward the territory formerly inhabited only by the most deluded of lunatics.


Flying Junior said...

Hey Green Eagle,

I think most of the crazies live in my neck. Still, thankfully, no elected officials or law enforcement chiefs attended. 500 loonies showed up. I'm sure it was a lovely day in Old Poway Park! Local news picked it up.

Magpie said...

Went to their website.

Clicked on “Promotional Material”. Big blank white page.

Clicked on “Videos”. Gallery of losers appears..

Click on first video. Some feeble-brained banshees mouth the usual garbage, sounding for all the world like disgruntled teens at the returns counter at K-Mart. First one has a voice that is 100% date-proof. I think an egg cracked in my fridge at the sound of it. Video ends with the sound of a gunshot. Class.

Click on second video. “Liberalism in 120 seconds”. Some pudgy wimp who I doubt has ever wanted for much speaking into the camera, urging people to rally. Has the charisma of a sponge caught in an S bend. Nothing about Liberalism though.

Click on “In The Media”. No actual “media” or anything, but features a link to…. guess where!!…. Donald Douglas’s American Power, who has posted the same video of the same pudgy wimp. Just in case you missed it in “Videos”.

Click on “Official Rally List”. Various locations….


The one for Burleson County Texas says…..“No Weapons Allowed” !!!

I shit thee not - It actually says: “No Weapons Allowed”. Each first letter capitalized exactly that way.


For cryin’ out loud. There’s a meme in this, I’m sure…

Dave Dubya said...

The poor persecuted white, all white, folks.