Monday, February 11, 2013

No Depth They Won't Sink To

In a Daily Kos article about Debbie Halvorsen, a NRA A+ rated Republican Congressional candidate, we are treated to the following rationale for opposing legislation banning, of all things, puppy mills:

"If dog breeders are driven out of business, hunters who use dogs must pay more for their animals, assuming they are still available, or quit hunting altogether."

The Daily Kos article reminds us:

"The NRA opposes legislation banning puppy mills because hunters may have to pay more for humanely raised dogs, and god knows, licensing dog breeders and subjecting them to health and safety regulations is just another assault on the Second Amendment!"

Just to remind you, here is the life innocent animals are expected to endure, so some jackass with a gun doesn't have to pay a few dollars more to enjoy his "hobby" of killing things:

 Of course, how can we expect a shred of concern for the lives of these puppies, from people who destroy animals for fun?

This sort of attitude is not merely inhuman; it is subhuman.  There is absolutely no depravity that Republicans will not sink to, rather than see corporations lose an opportunity for one cent of profit. We are fighting people with as little sense of decency as any Mongol Horde or Vandal mob that ever existed.  Permitting people with this attitude to exist (outside of conditions very similar to those these puppies must endure) is an immediate danger to civilization itself, and (when you factor in their lies about global warming) a threat to the continued existence of the human race. 

But, it's all okay, as long as some rich guy makes money off of it.


the yellow fringe said...

Kansas has a law against taking a picture of a puppy mill. If that picture was taken here, then someone otght to be in jail for it. Makes sense doesn't it? They are talking about a law for factory farms too, then stopping along the road to take a scenery shot could be a ticket to the big house if cattle or a hog barn is in it. Republicans are busy busy busy curtailing freedom and liberty, though they say the opposite.

Green Eagle said...

If only Kansas had a law against taking pictures of dumb people. then, the families of all Republicans would be sent to prison, overflowing the system and forcing the people of Kansas to face reality for once.