Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Stupidest Person in Congress

And no, it's not Michelle Bachmann or Louie Gohmert.  They are evil, corrupt, ignorant asses, but the two of them put together aren't as deeply stupid as this guy:

Yes, our Majority Leader in the United States Senate, Harry Reid; a person seemingly able to get kicked in the mouth endlessly without it ever occurring to him that it might be a good idea to move his head.

Anyone with sense must have noticed this a long time ago.  What is precipitating my latest outrage on this subject?  The Following:

"Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, the ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee, tells National Review Online that he will “postpone” the nomination of Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee for secretary of defense.

“I’ll do that for as long as it takes,” he says, firmly. “I’m going to make sure there is a 60-vote margin.”

Inhofe is now the second major Republican Senator (after Lindsay Graham) to declare in public that he will misuse the current filibuster rules in a way unprecedented in the entire history of the country, leaving the department of defense without a head.  This comes a month after the deeply stupid and ineducable Reid unilaterally abandoned a golden opportunity to cut off this Republican betrayal of  responsibility.  No, Reid, in an act of breathtaking idiocy, made a deal to not really reform the filibuster process, in return for a "promise" from Republicans to behave themselves- a promise that it took only a few weeks for them to turn their backs on without hesitation.

And who in their right mind could have possibly thought that things would be any different?  How many times during Reid's tenure have we seen the Republicans make "compromises," trading immediate Democratic concessions for promised future Republican good behavior, only to have them laugh in Reid's face when the time came for them to deliver on their end of the deal?

And so, we continue to live in a world where the only challenger on the horizon for the title of "stupidest person in Washington" is a certain character who openly talks about gutting any Federal program that benefits ordinary Americans, and who believes that the obvious strategy when dealing with deeply dishonest opponents is to give them ninety percent of what they want as a start of the negotiating process, and then hope that they will let you leave the room with your wallet.  Yeah, that's right- our Communist Socialist Muslim President, who is going to deliver the State of the Union address this year in front of a man who has threatened several times in public to kill him, without even using the pathetic mote of power necessary to keep this person from turning the President's Constitutional duty into a right wing farce.

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