Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nothing to Say, Really

Well, I haven't had much to say lately, because there is nothing going on in the country that virtually everyone who reads Green Eagle doesn't understand perfectly well.  The Republicans are up to their usual tricks, which consist, among the leaders, of refusing to do a thing that doesn't unfairly benefit the very rich, and among the followers of continuing their contest to see who is the greatest jackass on earth.  Obama, as usual, can't bring himself to stand for what is really right for the country, and is just hungering to cut Social Security and Medicare, to make poor people pay for the damage done by the wealthy.

It's now reached the point where Andrew Napolitano, the resident "legal expert" at CNN, is now calling for impeaching Obama over the sequester, which only continues to exist because Republicans won't do the right thing for the country, since it doesn't benefit the rich enough.  This opens up a whole new vista in Republican stonewalling- as long as they can fraudulently maintain control over one house of Congress, they can block any vital legislation, and then impeach a Democratic President for not totally caving in to their demands. 

And we know perfectly well that, if the Republicans somehow manage to steal back control of the Senate too, Obama will be impeached and removed from office, as will every Democratic President to follow him.  This is the price Democrats are going to pay for letting the Republicans impeach Bill Clinton- the worst abuse of Congressional power in the history of the United States- without a shred of consequence.  And by the way, when I say "every Democratic President to follow him,"  I am assuming that there will ever be one.  The Republicans fell asleep at the wheel in 2008 and 2012, because they couldn't believe the black man could win, but in the future, we will go back to what happened in 2000- an election stolen by the greatest act of Supreme Court corruption in the history of the country, also without consequences.

There's the Republican party today: a lawless pack of corrupt monsters, kept in power by the votes of large segments of the populace inflamed with greed and hatred, and seemingly oblivious to their own ongoing destruction.  But it just wouldn't be polite for our Democratic leaders to point out the obvious, so it will get worse and worse.  Our so-called democracy is barely functioning today; given the demographic pressures on them, the Republicans will eliminate even the pretense of that in the near future.

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