Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

It's been hard for me to face these lunatics lately, but here's my latest selection of the finest of the finest:

Glenn Beck:  "Are you willing to roll the dice on an entire region flipping to some blind, unnamed democracy with an unknown outcome?"

Oh my God! If there's one thing we need to be afraid of in this world, it's an unnamed democracy!  I wish I could chalk this one up to idiocy, but I'm afraid this is how right wingers really think.  For evidence, just take a look at Madison, Wisconsin.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Nice… Wisconsin Protesters Play Football Inside State Capitol...Disgusting. "

While the Wisconsin governor plans to shoot them down.  Well, I for one just hope they get a little enjoyment out of their last days.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "AWOL WISCONSIN DEMS LOCATED- Heritage Inn & Suites in Harvard, IL"

Well, at least they went to Harvard.  Their mothers must be so proud.

Indiana Republican Deputy. Attorney General:  "Use 'Live Ammunition' Against Wisconsin Protesters"

Yes, this Republican got fired for saying this.  But he still said it.  And a lot more of them think the same thing.

Town Hall:  "The March issue of Townhall Magazine features an exclusive examination of the government's attempt to further rule the lives of average Americans through their weight. That's right, the feds built and rigged a system that tell citizens they're too fat"

What an abomination.  It is a complete lie that Americans are overweight, as we all know that Americans are perfect  (well, the white ones anyway;) and as for the notion that being overweight carries health risks, well, that is a product of "science," and no real American would spend a second being suckered by that sort of thing.  How gullible do those liberals think we are?

Claudia Rosett, Pajamas Media:  "Has Anyone Told Ambassador Rice There's a Crisis In Libya?  Apparently the Obama administration has other priorities."

Turns out that Obama was waiting to get Americans out of the country before taking action.  Not the Republican way- shoot your mouth off first, then spend the next few years blaming someone else for the consequences.

Bryan T. Schwartz, Pajamas Media:  "How to Insure Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions"

What's Bryan's answer?  Why, let the free market take care of it!  Of course the free market has had since the beginning of civilization to deal with this problem, and has totally failed, but in Bryan's imaginary world, if we just repeal Obamacare, they will suddenly take care of it.  Anyone out there going to fall for that one?  Here's how it will work:

"Instead of imposing damaging price controls, politicians could support subsidies — or better yet, private charities — that cover the increase in premium."

Yes, all of a sudden, private charities are going to come up with the hundreds of billions of dollars that insurance companies will decide to charge for pre-existing condition coverage, which could be any amount the insurance companies want.  That is really going to work.  Listen, Bryan, if you really believe this mendacious crap, how about proving that it will work by having private charities pay for coverage of a few million people right now, before we take a chance on them by repealing Obamacare?

Jeffrey H. Anderson, Pajamas Media:  "Wake Up, GOP: It's Time to Put the Varsity on the Field...To beat Obama, Republicans must field their best candidates — now."

Sorry to let you in on the secret, Jeffrey, but the Republicans have already fielded their varsity.  Pretty sad, huh?

Patrick Richardson, Pajamas Media:  "Hey, What Happened To That Maxine Waters Ethics Trial?"

How about scheduling it for right after Bush and Cheney are tried for war crimes?  That seems fair to me.  Will that satisfy you, Patrick?

Scott Ott, Pajamas Media:  "Madison on Wisconsin: What Would the Founder Think?  James Madison would shudder at the goings-on in his namesake town."

Because if there is one thing that our founding fathers would HATE it would be people coming together to stand up to the existing government.  Except, of course, to demand that the government cut their taxes.

Rick Moran, Pajamas Media:  "Chicago's One-Party Dictatorship Chooses New Leader"

A Democrat was elected mayor in a fair election.  That's one-party Dictatorship to Rick.  Listen, jerk, if you want to see real one-party dictatorship, try looking a couple of hundred miles to the north, where your guys are threatening to set the military on protesters.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Face-Off at Missouri State Capitol- MoveOn Forced to Move Over...Missouri tea party patriots are holding a joint rally today at the state capitol building in Jefferson City to counter the coordinated union-leftist attack on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker."

Who cares, Jim?  Really, who cares?  I am, however waiting until tomorrow, when you will report that approximately sixty billion people turned up at the rally.

World Net Daily:  "Award-winning movie reveals Christian love"

What movie?  Drive Angry?  Riding around shooting and killing everyone in your way would just about sum up the Christian love I've seen in this country the last few years.

Robin of Berkeley, American Thinker:  "For the first time in our history, we have a president apparently more sympathetic towards them, than towards us.   When I say them, I mean the anti-people"

Them!  The Anti-people!  That big one on top there even looks a little like Obama.

We so count on Robin of Berkeley to explain things to us.  And she never lets us down.

Wendy Wright, American Thinker:  "Afghan Government to Seize Shelters...Enayatullah Balegh, a member of Afghanistan's Council of Muslim scholars, said Sharia allows women to live only with a close male relative -- her husband, father, brother, or son.  Thus women's shelters are illegal and should be shut down."

Man, you guys must be so proud.  Closing womens' shelters.  Another government moves in the direction that you have been advocating for so many years, and all in the sacred name of religion!  Victory!  It must taste so sweet.

Jeff Dunetz, The Lid:  "Soros Funded Hate Group Uses Terrorist Org. Support to Brand Pamela Geller as Racist "

That would be the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number one source in the country for information about real hate groups.  That makes them a hate group in right wing world.  This jackass continues:

"Before I go on, in the spirit of full disclosure it’s important to reveal Pamela Geller has been my friend since I started blogging"

Well, you know what they say, buster, birds of a feather and all that.  Maybe you should be a little more careful about who you hang with.

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