Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boy, It's A Great Day in Republican World

As if the two stories below aren't enough to upset your stomach, try this one on for size:

"Indiana Dep. AG: Use 'Live Ammunition' Against Wisconsin Protesters"

Is that explicit enough for you, Republicans, or are you not going to be happy until the shooting actually starts?


The Heathen Republican said...

And then the assistant AG was fired. Wow, that sounds like irrefutable evidence to me. Clearly Walker plans to shoot the protesters.

By analogy, recall the worker recently fired from Planned Parenthood. That action absolved Planned Parenthood from her (?) despicable behavior, so firing the assistant AG should absolve the governor, right?

Dance for me Green Eagle, dance!

Green Eagle said...

Of course, I haven't heard any Democrats introducing legislation to do away with the State of Indiana, which is what Republicans are doing with Planned Parenthood.

As usual, as a right winger, you have no shame about using this dishonestly edited series of tapes, because you know that the truth does not support your claims.

The fact that relatively high ranking Republican politicians feel free to call for the murder of liberals is magnitudes beyond one Planned Parenthood person saying something she shouldn't have, and you know it perfectly well, Mr. Heathen. I really thought that you were a cut above the other right wing trolls that have come here to comment, but when expected to take responsibility for the consequences of your beliefs, it's beginning to seem that you are only a slightly slicker version of them. It's a shame, really, that people like you have entitled themselves to spread lies and smears to accomplish your goals, which, in the end, are nothing but getting government services for free without having to pay your fair share to fund them.

Octopus said...

Today's headline: Governor Walker snorts Koch.

I'll spare Green Eagle from the dirty work and just get straight to the point: You're an lying asshole!

The Heathen Republican said...

Octo, if you're agreeing with Green Eagle, that's the second time this week I've caught you out as a hypocrite.

Bird man, I don't know what tapes you're talking about. Sounds like your mixing all Republicans together again in your funny little mind. I wasn't talking about cutting funding for Planned Parenthood (I thought you paid attention to the news).

Octopus said...

You have not caught anyone out as a lying hypocrite except yourself, you self-congratulatory piece of shit. NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Octopus said...

Green Eagle: "I really thought that you were a cut above the other right wing trolls that have come here to comment, but when expected to take responsibility for the consequences of your beliefs, it's beginning to seem that you are only a slightly slicker version of them."

Green, my friend. This is exactly what I saw in this lying sack of shit over two weeks when he started trolling liberal blogs full-time: SLICK. I've had experiences previously with low life scum like him. Remember Silverfiddle? Same MO. Trust me.

Octopus said...

Here is another story that will raise your blood pressure, ADL Condemns Beck For Comments About Reform Judaism:

Glenn Beck's comparison of Reform Judaism to radical Islam demonstrates his bigoted ignorance … highly offensive and outrageous

Get the picture! Now you know why I go ballistic when STEALTH BIGOTS like Heathen show up and troll our blogs.

Jean Valjean said...

This heathen is a pathetic limp little wimp. Octo nailed him!

Green Eagle said...


I've had a couple more of them too. Here's what I believe I learned back in the day, when most of my conversations with them were face to face, and I could see their expressions as they talked: They don't start out as trolls. They start with the belief that they are right and we are wrong, based on all the propaganda they have been fed over the years. They argue with us based on what they think is true, but as the information they believe they had is demolished bit by bit, they get more and more frustrated. It is very hard for them to admit they have been so misled, so most of the time they fall back on talking points and taunts, and what seemed like a possible dialogue turns into a huge annoyance.

There are exceptions: for example, David Brock at Media Matters, or Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs, who finally realized the damage they were doing and changed. I keep engaging these people because my fear is that, unless we find a way to get to a lot of them, this country is in for a really hard time.

I remember the Vietnam war, when (contrary to today's right wing rewriting of history) after a long struggle, very quickly a large percentage of the American people finally saw how abominable our country's actions were; I say this because I know that it is possible to reach people. The real masters on the right have had a half century to refine their manipulation since then, but still, in their hearts people are the same now as they were then, and I know they can be reached.

Green Eagle said...

And Heathen Republican, I want to say that you really do seem different to me than Silverfiddle, Derek and some others I've had here. You seem better informed, and from what little I've seen, I believe you have far more reasoning ability than they do. I could be wrong, but I think you do care about the truth more than most people. I am not used to pulling punches, and I know I can be really sarcastic. That's part of the package here, but I hope it doesn't dissuade you from feeling free to say what you think. I do appreciate it, and I really do try to be open to comments from anyone who doesn't descend to lies and smears.

Octopus said...

Jean Valjean,
Merci bien, mon amis.

Green Eagle,
You give this dude far more credit than I would. Three telltale signs and symptoms: He does not read or pay attention, he falls into his comforts zones and repeats talking points as if he were a perseverating autistic child, and he is arrogant. One cannot grow in intellectual, spiritual or emotional terms without at least some humility, and this idiot thinks too highly of himself to consider any new knowledge.

On a different note, I added an update to Rocky's top post at the Zone. It is based on original research and it will shock you.

magpie said...

Heathen's not a hardcore bad guy. He's just a sort of Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter reference) of Right-wing pedantry.

The person I argued with who had "hang a fag a day" on his blog, on the other hand.... was malevolent.
Genuinely racist, warmongering, religious bigots whose comments you'd delete without a moments hesitation because the sheer ugliness of them dirties your blog... they're the bad ones. And there's no reaching them ever.

Once came across a blogger that said those bushfires we had here (which I could smell from my front door and turned the skies red for days) were all a hoax perpetrated by our 'socialist' government to scare people.
He thought his theory was really intelligent.

That's the funny bit: they think they're intelligent. Or tough. Or blessed. Or whatever.

Octopus said...

Both Birds,
I am a busy cephalopod and don't have time to waste arguing with fatuous pedants. A minute of your life wasted on them is a minute you will never get back.

The Freepers are fielding more stealth trolls these days because the abusive ones are too quickly dismissed. The stealth trolls are the ones that suck time and energy out of you. Fuck 'em.

Dave Dubya said...

Reasoning with a Rightie is like reasoning with a Moonie. They are a cult every bit as much as Bush family friend Sun Myung Moon's cult. They need de-programming.

okjimm said...

//Clearly Walker plans to shoot the protesters.//

no he prefers a baseball bat...
from transcript between Walker and 'Koch"

"KOCH": Bring a baseball bat. That’s what I’d do.

WALKER: I have one in my office; you’d be happy with that. I have a slugger with my name on it.

"KOCH": Beautiful.